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Bebeaux & Pierre: Work

Bebeaux & Pierre

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Winter, 2020

Bebeaux (pronounced: Bee-bow) and his family are moving to Louisiana. He is a little scared of what his new life will bring but he’s got his best friend, Pierre, to help him through it.


Everything looks different, smells different, and sounds different in Louisiana. Everything is NEW.

Pierre helps Bebeaux to realize that there are many fun things awaiting him in this new place. Louisiana might not be so bad after all. After talking to his best friend, Bebeaux realizes that new things don’t always have to be scary. Just new. 


Click here to catch a glimpse of Bebeaux's adventures with Pierre.

The sophomore effort has begun! “Bebeaux and Pierre” (TM) is a series I’ve had rolling around in my head for several months. It is set in Louisiana. I talked through ideas with my Louisiana-born hub, took pictures for inspiration, wrote endless notes at all hours of the night, and now I’ve finally put Book 1 of the series “Bebeaux and Pierre” into publication. It wasn’t as daunting of a task as I originally thought it would be. It was actually fun to start something new and completely different from the first book.

Bebeaux is a precocious little boy that has a best friend named Pierre. Pierre is not your ordinary friend. He is a shrimp that lives on the moon. They will go on many adventures together experiencing food, music, culture, sports, and all around mischief. It’s loosely based on hub’s childhood, and he’s quite the colorful character! Each book will teach a life lesson through little Bebeaux’s eyes. There will be many Cajun references complete with translations. Step inside this world filled with zydeco, cypress trees, gumbo, bayous, king cakes, and a whole lot of love!

As a Momma of boys, I’ve also been able to draw from their growing up years.  They both had imaginary friends. One was truly imaginary, because I never saw “Johnny Rack”.  In fact, I don’t even know if he was human. He was with Walker most of the time in the backseat of our SUV though.  They would discuss sports, music, Batman, and whatever 3 year old boys need to talk about. The other was a piece of wood with a smiley face drawn on it named “Plank”, inspired by a favorite TV show.  Plank went with us everywhere! The grocery store, church, the park, restaurants, the pediatrician… you name it, he went! Of course I got weird looks because my son was holding a piece of wood in the buggy, but Plank was part of the family. He gave Worth security when he needed it. That’s what Pierre does for Bebeaux.  See a picture of Plank below. He’s aged a bit., but the smile drawn by an extremely creative 2 year old remains. We love you, Plank. Thanks for the memories. 

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A glimpse of Bebeaux & Pierre's adventures to come...

 Fried Catfish


Bebeaux and his family go to visit his “Paw Paw’, who lives on a houseboat in the bayou. Paw Paw teaches Bebeaux how to fish, and then they have a fish fry! He is glad to live closer to his Paw Paw.

Bebeaux realizes that families can look different, and even a shrimp can be part of your family. He figures out that love is all that matters, and family love is the best! And so is fried catfish.




Bebeaux’s grandparents come to visit bearing gifts! Bebeaux learns to play golf with his papa and dad but it doesn’t come easily. In fact, it is down right embarrassing. Bebeaux learns to always try your best and not give up when learning something new. Bebeaux and Pierre share an apology and forgiveness between best friends. They also discover that nutria are bad, but gifts from grandparents are good.




 Bebeaux enters the world of little league baseball. He is so excited to be on a team! He finds out that it can be very exciting, but also can bring pain. 

Pierre helps him realize that true friends are with you through the good times and especially the bad times. Bebeaux finds out that having good buddies is great. And so is baseball.




Baseball season has ended for Bebeaux. They did not win the championship, but they are still having an end of the season  pizza party! Bebeaux struggles with not getting a trophy like his friend Louis, who was on the winning team. He is a little jealous.

Pierre helps Bebeaux realize that losing a ballgame doesn’t make you a loser. He had new friends, and learned a new sport. He finds that life isn’t always about the trophies. It’s about the pizza!

 Good Friends



Bebeaux and Pierre go to the country to get the best gift ever! Bebeaux’s dad finally agreed to getting a dog. They meet farmer Tony, and bring home the new pup. But there’s a problem. Bebeaux cannot think of a name for his dog. After much deliberation, Bebeaux names his pup Gumbo.

Bebeaux worries that Pierre might think he loves Gumbo more than Pierre. He realizes that he can love both his old and new friends. Love grows! Especially for Gumbo.


Bebeaux tackles the fear of his first day of school. His friend Louis is in his class. Mrs. Poche teaches them rules and guides them through their first day. Bebeaux learns that new teachers, new friends, and new classrooms are not scary at all. In fact, they're spectacular!

 School Supplies


   Sliding Boards


It's Bebeaux's birthday, and he's having a parade! Living in Louisiana brings extra special treats to the celebration. His grandparents are there to join in the fun. Everyone dresses up, even Pierre and Gumbo. Bebeaux realizes how lucky he is to receive cake, presents, and especially beads.




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