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It's baaaack! The 90s teen drama that I loved in my younger days has released a 6 episode season reboot. It's the original characters playing a fictitious form of their off-camera-selves based on fan perceptions. I'm already addicted and have set my DVR to record.

Like it or not, this show is a part of pop culture's history. It took on issues that other shows wouldn't. It developed one of the largest fan bases ever seen. It was cheeky and endearing all at the same time. I know some of you had major crushes on Dylan, Brenda, David, Kelly or Brandon, you can admit it. This is a 90210 safe zone. You will not be ridiculed here. I was team Dylan, btw.

I watched the first episode last night with great anticipation. Now, let me preface this by saying I wasn't expecting an Emmy Award winning, riveting, intellectual drama. I just wanted to be transported back to my youth and enjoy the fond memories of watching these Beverly Hills heartthrobs. I was curious to see how they would interact now that they're all grown up. Did it meet those simple expectations? Yes it did. The opening credits were set to the same theme song, complete with a Donna and Kelly spin/snap at the end. Ah, memories.

They are just as quirky as they used to be. The characters fell right into their old roles quite easily, but they're now dealing with being adults in the post 90210 world. There will be additional characters added along the way, such as Denise Richards and Momma Walsh, and I cannot wait to see how the story unfolds. It's nostalgia at it's best!

Luke Perry's death was addressed in a beautiful way at the end. He is dreadfully missed on the reboot, but they handled it with love and grace. It's a candid reminder that these characters aren't kids anymore, and are now dealing with adult issues involving death, struggling careers and raising children. If you're going to take it too seriously, then it's not for you. It will be dripping in blissful cheesiness. However, if you want to take a walk down memory lane and escape reality for an hour, you will not be disappointed.

Will hub be joining me on this sentimental journey? Uh, that's a hard no. He has absolutely no desire to revisit the teen drama of my youth. He will roll his eyes and shake his head, but it will not hinder me from indulging. In fact, if I still had the Teen Beat poster of the cast, I'd post it on our bathroom mirror just to torment him. Staring at a picture of fictional rich kids from the 90s is exactly how you want to start your day, right? Maybe I can google and print one.......

90210 fans, unite! Do you have a favorite episode? Will you be glued to the reboot? Subscribe and comment at for free fun!

Can you hear the theme song in your head?

90210 all grown up!

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