A Little Lagniappe

Years ago, Hub taught me a cajun word that is one of my very favorites: "lagniappe." It means, "something extra, a bonus". I got a little lagniappe as I was cleaning out the closet under the stairs yesterday.

I was hunting mini lights. I have the tendency to stick them in this particular closet after racking up on after-Christmas sales. What I found was a 4 foot Christmas tree in Santa boots that I'd bought years ago and forgotten. I realize I'm opening myself up to ridicule with this admission, but I was raised by a woman who gives Sis and I presents in July that she bought for Christmas the previous year. She hides them so well that she forgets where they are come December! I got the "buy and hide" habit honestly. Don't judge too harshly.

I opened this unexpected treasure and immediately got it decorated and added to the home. He's a real cutie! Upon seeing the new addition, hub named it the Lagniappe Tree. It seemed appropriate due to the circumstances, and it was a coincidence that it was adorned with fleur de lis ornaments. What a win!

In our home, "find the Yeti" is an almost daily game I play with hub. He lives life with a water-filled Yeti in hand, and sets it down only to forget about it. Then I get called in to help find the Yeti as we retrace his steps from the last hour. Fun times. My oldest plays "find my keys" on a weekly basis, usually as he's trying to get to work in the mornings. Another thriller.

We've learned to laugh at our forgetfulness. It's simply a fact of life that is not worth getting our panties in a wad. Luckily, sometimes we get a little lagniappe in the process of the hunt. The most important thing is to recognize it and be thankful when it appears.

Do you hide things from yourself, only to find them months or years later? Have you received lagniappe lately? Share below and let the W&W world know. is a click away. Give me an early Christmas present and subscribe today!

Our little Lagniappe Tree. Isn't he cute?

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