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Birthday Babble

It's my birthday. I posted a public service announcement for hub and the man boys yesterday as a reminder. Hub sang to me over the security camera as I was having coffee and quiet time, so it's already shown signs of working. I don't have big plans, already celebrated with the fam jam on Monday night at mom's, hub is moving pretty girl 2 back to college today, so I'm going to get some work done.

I used some googleciousness to find out what events share this day with me. A few I knew, some I didn't. Ready for some knowledge? Here we go...

Macbeth, the King of Scotland, was killed on this day. Not a great start, but we share a name, so that's cool. Will Rogers was killed in a plane crash. That's just depressing, but I'll keep reading. The Mayflower set sail with 102 Pilgrims aboard. Now we're talking! Is that the reason Thanksgiving is my favorite? The Wizard of Oz premiered on this day. I like this one. I've always loved me some Oompa Loompas! Nolan Ryan pitched his final (324) victory. Woo Hoo! President Obama tweeted the most liked tweet ever, "no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion." I couldn't agree more. Woodstock opened 50 years ago today. That one actually makes a lot of sense, I happen to love music and everything hippie.

I share this birthday with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Napoleon, and the inventor of nachos. I'm not a huge fan of nachos but, "Ole'!", they are a pretty big deal in the snack world. Happy Independence Day to Korea, Congo, Liechtenstein and India. Celebrate BIG! I'll consider your fireworks a shared gift with me. Maybe I'll celebrate in your country one day. There were many other tragedies and triumphs listed, but I decided to only share some highlights. You're welcome.

I'm also a sucker for the 'National Days' site (see previous blog) and had to check it out. Today is National Relaxation Day. Perfect, I can do that. It's also National Best Friends Day, National Lemon Meringue Pie Day, National Leathercraft Day, and National Cowboys and Cowgirls Day. So in a perfect world, Kim and Pam are on their way and we're going to make leather crafts and eat lemon pie, all while wearing cowboy hats. I'll be sure to post that picture, it will be a doozie!

If you share this day of birth with me, I wish you a happy one. I hope you live it up and count your blessings. Take some time to relax, and I give you permission to put off responding to all of your FB wishes until tomorrow. Have a fantastic day!

Now where did I put that cowboy hat? Yeehaw!

Happy Birthday, fellow Woodstock babies! Muah!

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