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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

"Down dooby doo down down......." you are encouraged to hum this in your head as you read this blog.

I recently posted of our upcoming renovations in the front yard. While hub and I accompanied our friend Jenny to the panhandle for a quick look at the sugar sands before she headed back up north, we received an email that sent us all into hysterical laughter.

I'd sent detailed information (slightly OCD, I'll admit) to several landscapers in the area. I'd talked to a couple that we are considering, and they didn't seem to mind my attention to detail. In fact, they appreciated it. They liked that I knew what I wanted. I was completely aware that the email could possibly scare someone off, but the responses had been positive as of yet. Then we got the letter. One of the landscaping companies broke up with us. (start the music if you're not already humming)

We were not offended in any way. It's going to take a special person to work with my vision. It's not that it's overly difficult, I'm just a little off center. I'll share excerpts from my email for clarification and for your entertainment.

"I like curved beds with lots of flowers, no symmetry, and spots to add bulbs. I don't like anything matchy matchy. I don't like straight lines in flower beds. There can be duplications of plants on both sides, but not planted the exact same way or in the same order. I'd like it to curve out and around the house on the left side, but not go any further than halfway to the air conditioner unit. On the right side, I'd like it to swing out to incorporate the bed that's already there. I'll remove the lilies planted in that bed, but the crepe myrtles should stay."

"Any current bushes in the front of the house will need to be removed. They're gross."

"I cannot stand boxwoods, or anything that is too dense and could be pruned into a Disney character."

That's just a snippet of the email containing the list of plants and flowers I like, complete with pictures attached. I know it's over the top. I know I'm "extra", as one of my friends reminded me this weekend. But at least I'm not wishy-washy, right? Anyhoo...we got a very polite response from one company saying that they were not interested in this particular project. Go figure. I probably scared them to death. My overly expressive language possibly made the hairs stand up on the back of their necks. Putting myself in their shoes, I might've done the same thing. ....RUN!

The three of us shared hysterical belly laughter over the exchange. Jenny read both emails in their entirety out loud. It was hilarious. I sounded like a mix of a complete lunatic and an organized geek. I had no hard feelings for this particular company post break up. I understood completely that it was going to take someone extremely brave to sign up for this adventure. Working with me can be tons of fun, but grueling as well. I know what I want, and will not be satisfied until my vision is brought to life. I had to have someone that shared the vision, or at least was able to envision it. They would have to enjoy my kind of crazy, or at least be able to endure it. It's not for everyone.

There are a couple of promising prospects. They haven't appeared frightened or put off by my email. I'll keep you updated on the progress, and post pictures when the botanical superhero completes the job. God bless him.

Here's an old picture of the guy that sings the song you will have in your head all day. You're welcome. Post his name below if you know it. No googleicious cheating! This is for the old folks like me. "Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down."

I left it blurry to be more challenging for the game.

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