Bugs be gone!

I told you in an earlier blog that I might be a redneck. This will possibly seal the deal.

The flies are much worse this summer than in years past. I have no idea why. These annoying little creatures have us swatting and shooing with fury. To an innocent bystander, it might look like my entire fam jam was having simultaneous seizures. It's made patio time much more frustrating for all of us.

I purchased an old school, hot pink camouflage fly swatter a few weeks ago. It does what it's made to do, but sneaking up on those critters to smash them can be difficult. My oldest man-boy prefers this method because it's a game. He loves sports and anything that resembles a contest. It's him versus the flies, and he takes it almost as seriously as his high school football matches of the past. That guy is intense.

I upgraded and bought an electronic swatter last week. This little racket works like a charm, but getting the flies to land on it or fly into it can be challenging. It decreased the population a bit, but they were still winning.

My gadget loving hub took it up a notch and brought a bug zapper home the other day. He hung that bad boy up, plugged it in, and we waited. "Zap!" Success! We cheered triumphantly as our new little contraption went to work.

For those concerned about the appearance of their outdoor living space, this is not for you. Ours is hung from a plant hook with a bright orange extension cord plugged into it. Redneck city. We were past the point of caring about its aesthetics. We needed relief.

I realize I might get flack from some fly-loving groups out there, so I will go ahead and apologize to the insect lovers. I do not like these bacteria dropping buzzers, but will not put the vermin in any danger of going extinct. There are more than 159,000 species of flies out there, so they're going to be fine. Just not at my house.

Here are pictures of our arsenal. Game on!

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