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Carb Overload

Over the past few weeks, hub and I have been discussing a new eating plan. We feasted on his cajun cooking queen momma's food, then ate whatever our little hearts have desired through the beach trip. We're still active, but training for an olympic event couldn't burn the calories we've consumed. We went hog wild. Dessert at the end of every delicious meal, pancakes for breakfast, ice cream (the real stuff) for a snack, you name it, we ate it. Has it been fun? Yes! Have we put on some unwanted pounds? Oh, yes.

We made the decision to begin a new healthy diet plan next week. I've been in post vacation mode washing clothes and catching up on things this week. My schedule is off and my brain is scattered. I thought it was Tuesday all day yesterday. Goodness gracious! Time to regroup.

I began the purging of the pantry yesterday (my Tuesday). I had to get the processed food out of the cabinets. Unfortunately, I come from the generation that was taught, "waste not, want not", and have a hard time throwing out perfectly good food. I used to get a gold star for a happy plate, for crying out loud! So what did I do? Yep. I cooked it all.

I sent hub to the grocery to buy two gallons of milk, and I went buck wild on some carb cooking. Every boxed 'helper' or potato was cooked. I had pasta in two forms going on the stovetop. Frozen biscuits were heated. Milk corn was boiled. I baked a green bean casserole. I even prepared a strawberry jello salad after reading the carb content in jello. My youngest man-boy is a pasta lover and was ecstatic. Hub entered from working in the yard and announced how great it smelled. There was no carb left behind.

When I put everything out, hub came in to survey the fruits of my labor. There was nothing healthy to see. There were no vegetables in sight except the ones lathered in cream of mushroom soup and baked with cheese. He looked over the carb wonderland, and with a devious gleam in his eye said, "we're going to get so fat." It was on.

When oldest man-boy got home, he asked if there was any food. Upon seeing the bounty, he let out a squeal. I quickly informed him that this was carb clearance week and not to get used to it. "Things were a-changin'", and we were soon leaving the processed land. He responded that he'd like to drop a few as well, so he was accepting of the upcoming transformation.

This journey will be challenging. I know the rewards are worth the effort, but we love some of the tasty, yet unhealthy foods. I will do my googleicious research and find recipes to deliver scrumptious, healthy options. We will all reap the benefits.

So goodbye potatoes, pasta, ice cream and key lime pie. Goodbye biscuits, mayhaw jelly, peanut butter wafers, and vanilla creamer. Until we meet again on pre-planned, few and far between cheat days or Thanksgiving, we will be dining on better choices. It's been a fun ride.

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If you see me climbing up a wall, talk me down gently. Thank you in advance.

Carbfest 2019. I even made sweet tea. Pantry purge complete.

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