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Celebrate Everyday!

Have you noticed that the national days are out of control? Do you see pictures on instagram commemorating some form of national pet/puppy/cat/fur baby day every single day? For crying out loud, what is going on? I jumped on the googleicious train and learned that there are over 1900 national days to celebrate. They are registered in Chase's National Calendar of Events. It's original purpose was to keep up with all national holidays for news organizations. They began accepting special day submissions from non profits and brands for promotion or awareness. This led to random submissions that were accepted for reasons no one can explain, and created the enormous amount of celebrations currently listed on the calendar. Wow.

I spent a little time browsing the list of our nation's days. Good grief. There are national days, weeks, and months to celebrate. Even the most perfect party planner could not keep up with this agenda. There are multiple things to observe on each day, and they tend to have nothing in common with each other. Some make sense, such as National hangover day on January 1. It makes absolutely no sense, however, to have a national drinking straw day. Ever.

My sister's birthday is on national wear your pajamas to work day, so I expect Kathy to take full advantage of that and sport some footie flannels on her special day. Hub's birthday shares national battery day. I know what he's getting for his birthday next year! Everyone dreams of receiving AAs on their special day, don't they? Man-boy #1 will get spaghetti because it's national noodle day. Man-boy #2 can be looking forward to new writing utensils because it's national ballpoint pen day. This website was starting to grow on me. Not only was it entertaining, but it solved a plethora of gift giving needs. My birthday is national leather craft, lemon meringue pie, and relaxation day. This year I'll be relaxing with a slice of pie after purchasing myself a brand new handbag. Happy birthday to me!

If you desire to kick your next celebration up a notch, you can request for a representative from the national calendar association to attend your event. They can

judge a contest, speak at a ceremony, or host a calendar and photo signing. The site lists recipe ideas for your shindigs. I have no idea what is appropriate to serve at a national toothache day function, but this site has my back to meet those needs. You can purchase "Celebrate Everyday" merchandise. There are classroom puzzles, lesson plans and trivia games for teachers to use in their classroom. Now I'm all for expanding on national Amelia Earhart day using these tools, but I don't think further exploration of national paper bag day is necessary.

Although I still think it's silly to have so many national days, I have begun to realize that it could be a fun way to acknowledge friends and family. I'm pretty sure that batteries, noodles, and ballpoint pens will be a tradition I'll add to my loved ones' gift giving plan. I may use the site to bring a little spark to a boring week that needs a pick-me -up. If anything, it is a great conversation starter, and has given me material for a blog.

So celebrate everyday! There is usually more than one option to choose from, so pick your favorite and make an ordinary day extraordinary! For instance, today is National Daiquiri Day. Get out your blenders and celebrate with the spiked or non-spiked flavor of your choice! Cheers!

Happy National Daiquiri Day!

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