Christmas in June?

I have a weird quirk. I don't always take down Christmas trees. Once I left one up in the man cave for 3 years. I took down the other 5, but left one up because it made me happy. I know, 6 trees are a little obsessive, but I love Christmas trees! I blame it entirely on my mom. I was raised in a home with a tree in practically every room. Even the bathrooms had small trees in them! Hello, I'm Beth, I am a treeaholic.

This year I left the one up in the breakfast room. I can't get enough of those jewel-toned ornaments! I don't turn the lights on every night, but I am guilty of lighting that sucker up every now and again. What can I say? It brings me joy, and life is too short to deprive yourself of a little joy!

Does anyone else share my addiction to Christmas trees? Has it crept into your summer like mine? The man-boys with which I share my home have learned to just shake their heads and move on. They know I'm not normal, I've accepted that as well, and life is good. At least it's not boring!

Celebrate the warm and fuzzy feeling Christmas brings all year! I'm not asking you to leave up your trees; but share a little more love, give a little gift, smile a little more often. This world needs to feel like Christmas every month, not just in December. Don't believe the naysayers, it does not make it less special. I can testify!

Calling all treeaholics! Send in a picture of your tree, but only if they're still up. This support group is for the true weirdos that just can't let Christmas go. Merry Everything!

Here's my little gem. Don't judge.

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