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Cooking in Quarantine

Lately, I've seen numerous posts from some very creative cooks. They're making do with what they have and coming up with some great recipes. The virus has caused us to dig deep into our pantries and 'make it work' in order to postpone trips to the grocery for as long as possible. I'll list a few gems I've seen and post pics of some wins from my own kitchen.

Great Depression Cooking with Clara - I think this precious lady has passed away, but her videos share practical tips to make things cheaply. She lived it and knows how to pinch a penny seven ways to Sunday. Besides that, she's just adorable and shares stories along the way.

USA Today has instructions for making your own pasta and macarons. Uh, no. I'm not that bored yet. Pasta is super cheap and I can order macarons from my local bakery and support small businesses. For those of you super-human overachievers, carry on. The pictures look divine.

I'll admit, Ina Garten aka The Barefoot Contessa, has intimidated me in the past with some of her recipes. However, her instagram is loaded with how to make things in your pantry work, and she does it with humor and grace.

Believe it or not, Shannon Doherty from 90210 is doing great instagram posts of what to cook with what you have. She asks viewers to let her know what they have in their pantry, and her chefs come up with a dish. Really cool idea.

If you're vegan, check out avantgardevegan on YouTube. Gas Oakley uses simple ingredients and keeps it vegan. I'm not sure what that is because I personally like meat, but you do you. His videos are easy to follow and could be adapted for meatlovers.

Also on YouTube, there's a video compilation of "Easy At-Home Quarantine Recipes ANYONE Can Make!" It's real people cooking real food, and worth a watch if you need some simple ideas.

Simply Mama Cooks has tons of cooking videos. She infuses Korean and Mexican flavors. They are super easy to follow, and could jazz up your quarantine.

Megan Calipari has plant based recipes on Instagram that look insanely delicious. Her pictures give me hope that Gluten Free can be scrumptious with the right recipe. She's @earthlyprovisions. Follow her. Go cats!

Joanna Gaines has come out of hiding and is posting great recipes filmed by her kids on the Magnolia YouTube channel. She's down to earth, subs out ingredients with what she has on hand, and you get your Gaines fix. It's family friendly fun.

What are you cooking? How often do you grocery shop? Hub and I discussed just yesterday that we were going to limit our trips to the store even more this week. That means getting more creative with what I have, but what else do I have to do? Let me know your wins and losses at Please hit that Subscribe button! I appreciate all the support I can get these days.

I've posted some photos with captions of a few things I made this week. Message me for recipes if you wish. Warning: I'm not a "measurer". I do more to taste, but the recipes will give you a guide. Share your favorites with me! I love adding tried and true recipes to my stash. Stay home people!

This is chili. I have a pot of this or taco meat simmering at all times. It's super cheap, super easy, and the fam jam can fix their own meal when they get hungry, which never seems to be at the same time. Throw some cheese and a dollop of sour cream on it and BAM! Comfort food in a bowl.

These stay on the island now. Taco meat can be heated in the microwave so easily.

Add sour cream, shredded cheddar, salsa, shredded lettuce, onion, peppers, diced tomatoes straight out of the can.....whatever you want to make these soft tacos yummy. Taco Bell has a seasoning packet you can buy at the grocery if you're getting the late night cravings. Drive through closed due to curfew? No worries...make your own and stay home!

Cheater mashed potatoes. I skip the first three steps of traditional mashed potatoes. Time saver!

These mashed potatoes are Sara Bibi's favorite thing I make. Of course this Bibi will be making them every Thanksgiving from now on just for her!

Savory ham, onion and pepper quiche.

This was super easy, only required 2 eggs, and you can add whatever you like to the base. I'll be making one weekly during quarantine. The only downside is that it disappears in one day.

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