Cooking in Quarantine 2, and a Couple of New Treasures

Are you running out of ideas for meals? Have you made all of your family's favorites? Do you not want to repeat them on week 3? Here's what I did to shake things up.

I pulled out a couple of cookbooks that were not my "go to" references and found a few new recipes that called for items I already had. I'm operating under a "make it work" mantra around here these days, and I'm learning some tricks. I've been substituting ingredients like a BOSS. Some worked, some not so much. Here are the "oldie but a goodie" cookbooks I pulled out last week. One is from my Alma Mater and the other from my home state. They were published in 1988 and 1989. They may be a bit dingy, but oh do they hold some treasures inside!

I took the walk on the cover when I graduated a LONG time ago.

This cover screams 80s! I'll admit, I had country blue in my house back then.

I made notes in the margin for future knowledge. I dog-eared (is that a word?) the pages of the recipes we loved for later use. I've written things like "ok" or "eh" on a couple to make sure I don't try them again. The winners got a "yes!" or a big star. My knife skills have improved, and my confidence has grown. Not to the point of "Top Chef", but I think I could give "Chopped" a run for its money! Ok, that's probably a stretch. Let's just say we're surviving.

I'm still making a batch of taco meat each week. There are sandwich and hot dog options at all times, as well as leftovers. Worth still drops off meals to Momma so she can get some home-cookin'. (She's begun to barter with her homemade bread, and we're not complaining. In fact, I think we're getting the better end of that deal) I'm still baking a Derby Pie which disappears in 24 hours. (I've even subbed pecans and almonds for walnuts because that was all I had, but don't tell Momma) I'm not killing myself, but trying to keep it interesting by throwing in some surprises for the fam jam, which also keeps my insanity at bay. Here are a couple of wins from last week.

Derby Pie. Need I say more?

Lemon and caper tuna casserole. This was a newbie, but a good one.

Balsamic glazed carrots are always a hit.

Parmesean roasted potatoes - SUPER easy side dish.

Chicken/veggie casserole - this new recipe will be put into rotation. It passed the test!

What new recipes have you found? Please share them at so I can try them! Thanks for SUBSCRIBING to the site, it's a huge support.

If we are quarantined as long as predicted, I'll need some help to keep it interesting. Get out your neglected cookbooks and browse through the pages. You never know what deliciousness you'll find.

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