Crazy Collections

Are you a collector? We love to collect things in the South. My momma collects Nativity sets. I've got friends and family who collect Precious Moment figurines, Kentucky Derby glasses, frogs, handbags, crosses...... the list goes on! Most of you have at least one thing that floats your boat. Do you gather unique versions of that item? I have two things: Christmas Ornaments from travel locations, and martini glasses. The ornaments make perfect sense, the glasses? Well, that's another story.

I have no clue why I love martini glasses. There's something about their triangular shape and long neck that I find simply beautiful. I see them as works of art, and display them as such. The odd thing about my compilation is that I've only purchased one of each style. I have no sets and don't want any. Weird? Absolutely. But my next book is titled "I'm Not Weird, I'm Wonderful", so I accepted my strange behavior a long time ago. Quirks are a good thing folks.

Each glass has its own personality and name. As odd as that might sound, at least it's not boring, right? Some are on display, some are in the cabinet. Some were quite pricey, some were dirt cheap. They aren't used very often since my Bunko hosting days are long gone, but I got one out a couple of years ago and drank milk from it with a piece of derby pie, just for kicks and giggles. I just might have to do that again to shake things up in self quarantine land. They may also appear on my next Thanksgiving table instead of the matchy-matchy fine crystal. There's no rule that says I can't serve sweet tea in a martini glass is there? I stopped collecting them a few years back because I'd reached my display capacity, so don't tempt me with your fabulous finds. I'm trying to budget during this pandemic!

Do you have any strange collections? Post some pictures below or at . I know I'm not the only one. Here are a few of my beauties.....their names are under the pic. Let's make a deal: I won't judge your unusual collections if you don't judge mine!

This is Grace, strong and elegant.

Florence is very flirty!

This is Leona. It means lioness.

Here's Zelda, no explanation needed.

Audrey is simple and graceful.

Sassy is just that......sassy!

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