Dirt Cheap!

I've been raised by my momma to love a bargain. That woman can find a deal anywhere! It's as if she has an internal radar that leads her to the incredible sales no one else finds. She's always been that way, and I'm thankful for it.

Years ago, my good friend Dana told me about Dirt Cheap. She is a fellow bargain hunter, so I knew it was a good tip. There is nothing fancy about this place, in fact, it's a hot mess. Imagine an indoor yard sale with little to no organization. The store contains overstocks and non-sellers from traditional retailers. It requires time and patience to rummage through the racks of clothing to find a treasure. This is not for those who need excellent customer service, spotless dressing rooms, or luxury of any kind. There is air conditioning, so you are not sweating in misery as you shop, but that is the extent of its comforts. Hand sanitizer is essential.

Hub and I hadn't been to Dirt Cheap in years. It isn't in our area of town, and to be honest, we forget about it. However, we were in its vicinity and decided to dive in. Upon our arrival, two "ladies" were arguing in the parking lot. The foul language pouring out of their mouths would make a sailor blush! They were in each other's faces, and it appeared that we might witness a full blown fight before we even got to the door. Uncomfortable? Yes. Deterred? Nope.

We entered and began our quest. We found a rack that contained around 60 neon mustard yellow shirts and concluded that some buyer probably lost their job from a bad color choice. We found a rack of swimsuits and decided we weren't quite ready to take that plunge. Then I discovered tank tops perfect for layering and was hooked! Hub headed to the men's area to continue his pursuit.

We gathered our garb and went to the register. This is the best part! You see, the price on the tag is not the final price. The tags contain letters that take an extra percentage off at the point of sale. There is a huge sign hanging from the ceiling showing the key to these percentages, but we like to wait for the excitement at the till.

As the cashier scanned each item, she called out the final price. This is when the celebration began. As she revealed each amount, we broke into shouts of, "woo hoo!", "oh yeah!" and "that's what I'm talkin' about!" after every single item. There are high fives and happy dances all around. It's a party in the emporium! We walk out feeling delighted and satisfied. We are shopping geniuses.

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Below is the ensemble hub bought for $6 TOTAL. Yes, you read that correctly. $4 for the shorts, $2 for the shirt. Can I get a "Hallelujah"?

Hub is definitely winning!

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