Does it really come in threes?

Holy cow, what a weekend! Have you ever had one of those days/weekends where bad things just happen? I've just survived one of those. First, it was Father's Day, which is great, but my dad died years ago and its put a sad vibe to the holiday ever since. Second, our upstairs AC went out and it's hotter than the devil's armpit down here in the south, so my man-children have had to relocate downstairs until that's fixed. Third, Anthony Davis was traded from the Pelicans. Now I know that doesn't directly effect me, but I LOVE that Kentucky wildcat and hate to see him leave New Orleans. That's three...I'm done with the yuck!

Someone once told me to never let the devil steal my joy. I tell you what, he sure has been trying extra hard lately, but he will not succeed! My joy comes from a place he cannot penetrate, so be gone!

Mondays are usually a dreaded day, but today I began a new book in the Bebeaux and Pierre series entitled "Grandparents and Golf". I love Mondays! It's a fresh start to a new week with new possibilities. I hope your Monday treats you well. I also hope bad things actually do come in threes, and only threes.

Live with JOY!


Sometimes you just want to scream!

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