Empty Shelves

Hub and I cleaned out two outside closets the other day. It was time. Actually, it was overdue. They had gotten cluttered and junky and I couldn't stand it anymore. We backed Betty Boop out of the carport, rolled up our sleeves, and dug in. Lord help us.

It was nasty. It was dusty. We spread that stuff all over the carport and threw out a ton of non-essentials. I hosed the dust off of every fold up chair, cooler, tool case, and sporting item. Then we swept out the dirt and leaves, knocked down every dirt dobber nest from years of neglect, organized everything by type and neatly put it back. Do you know what we found? Empty shelves! It felt good. Really good. It was therapeutic. We discovered some things we didn't remember that we owned. We found out that hub had way too many golf clubs. (It wasn't quite to the hoarding stage, but it was headed in that direction) I intercepted the oldest man-child from keeping every old football he'd ever owned. We made our little neck of the woods a bit more livable.

I doubt very seriously this would have taken place without the stay at home order in place. Life would've distracted us to do other things. We are pros at procrastination! The virus has slowed us down and pushed us to tackle some much needed projects. For that, I am grateful.

I've now moved inside to a couple of closets that needed my attention. My junk drawers have been purged. (I won't have to buy ball point pens for the rest of my life!) I'm determined to straighten everything up while I have the time because this will end. Life will go back to busy. Distractions will return. If I don't take advantage of this opportunity, I'll never forgive myself. Would I rather plop on the couch and watch the boob tube all day? Sure. I allow myself a couple hours of 'vegging out time' every day. Heck, I'll even take an entire day to just relax if I need it! However, I'm not about to give myself permission to be lazy for 2 months and get nothing accomplished, and I'm dragging hub with me, bless his heart.

What projects have you tackled? Post your triumphant pictures below and at Please subscribe, it really helps support my little business. Let's shamelessly celebrate our covid victories! Now get off your hiney and get crackin'!

Here's our most recent win. We're still sniffling from all the dust we inhaled, but it was worth it.

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