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Flipped out over Flea Markets

Flea markets are my jam. I've always loved to spend hours wandering around stores filled with old treasures. I don't know what it is about rummaging through booths crammed to the brim with other people's things from the past, but I can't get enough of it. I get inspiration from watching "Flea Market Flip". I will shop outdoor, indoor, in a doesn't matter, I have an insatiable desire to jump in and forage. If I stopped to think about it, I would probably be terrified at the thought of what germs lie on these items and run screaming out of the warehouse looking for hand sanitizer. But I don't. I'm hooked on the hunt.

Hub and I went to two flea markets yesterday. The first was Wetumpka Flea Market and Antiques. You are greeted by an iron bull, which upon closer investigation, turns out to be a grill that blows smoke out of its nostrils. This is something hub instantly wanted to make his. Why? I have absolutely no idea. It's huge, we don't have room for it, we have a big green egg; but he was fascinated. Thank goodness it wasn't for sale or I might be hosting a cookout with a longhorn cooking longhorn. Horrifying, I know.

We found an old pulpit inside. Now, this little gem caused us to spend nearly ten minutes trying to figure out where it would fit in our home. Can you imagine the "Come to Jesus" meetings with the man-boys from a pulpit? I would appear much more intimidating. But, alas, it was a no go.We purchased an iron skillet perfectly sized for making bananas foster for $10. What a bargain!

Feeling accomplished, we moved on to Eastbrook Flea Market. This is one of my favorite places on God's green earth. It's 60,000 square feet of pure paradise. Hub found a Hawaiian shirt sporting the label "Sears Hawaii" from 1972. Oh, my. It was a dandy. I tried desperately to justify spending $50 on a Kentucky Derby julep glass from Secretariat's winning year. We laughed at half-man mannequins, art portraying deformed animals, Bill Cosby's face in the elevator window, and Christmas stocking holders displayed as "LONE", which should have been "NOEL". We swayed on an iron glider where hub told a petrifying story of his brother's finger getting stuck in a similar model at their grandmother's. We settled on an iron rain gage. I'm now seeing an iron theme here. I may need a support group in the future.

Our home is filled with old things. We rescued an "S" from the Parisian signage that used to hang on the outside of Montgomery Mall, and it is now graces the wall on our patio. One of my most cherished finds is an antique iron (I know, don't judge) chandelier that hangs in our master bedroom. I would rather have aged pieces with stories than new wares with none. Do you have an upcycling story? Subscribe and share it on . I'd love to hear your flea market victories!

Later that evening, hub said, "I should've bought that Hawaiian shirt."

I answered, "Absolutely honey, because everyone needs one of those in their lives. Along with a smoke-blowing bull grill."

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