Food for Thought. Literally.

Hub and I recently visited my mom's side of the family in Auburn, Kentucky. Yes there is another Auburn, and yes, their school mascot is the tiger. I do not know if they share the battle cry, "War Eagle!", with the loveliest village on the plains. I seriously doubt that they fly an eagle around the football field before their games. My cousin will have to answer these questions. We made a whirlwind jaunt in two days to take my mom back to her hometown of Bremen. More details to come on that side of the fam jam, the research has begun!

Auburn is not a large city. It's a sweet town tucked amongst rolling hills and surrounded by farmland. It's just beautiful. My aunt and cousins live there, so it's got a piece of my heart. We loaded up on a Sunday morning and traveled the short distance from Auburn to see where Momma, Uncle Don and Aunt Sue grew up. Afterwards, we stopped at the Dairy Queen in Central City for a late lunch. Hub offered to get dipped cones, and since we were technically on vacation, I decided to take him up on the offer to cheat. We were within the intermittent fasting window, so it wasn't completely cheating, right? Don't judge.

Growing up, there was one sweet treat Daddy could never refuse: ice cream. That man loved ice cream. He would spoil sis and I occasionally with dipped cones from DQ. She and I shared memories about that fact before hub's offer. Maybe we were hinting, maybe not? Who really cares. The dipped cones were happening!

What he brought back to the table was shocking. In my youth, dad only bought a single, maybe a double on an extra generous whim. Hub showed up with the largest dipped cones I'd ever seen.....triples! We all gasped. I didn't even know they offered these monsters of goodness, and that's probably a good thing. I'm thankful that our local DQ is clear across town and not on any route I frequent. I've always been a gal that prefers to stay on this side of the bypass if at all possible. Now that I know about these enormous delicacies, it would be very hard to resist stopping by the house of temptation every single day. Thank you Lord, I'm a midtown girl.

It was delicious. It reminded me of childhood family vacations. It brought back recollections of trips to the DQ with my dad during free time at Youth Camp. It's funny how certain foods are attached to memories. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the warm fuzzy feelings it bears. Just the smell of the food triggers happy memories of family and friends. The giant ice cream cone gave sis and I a blissful flashback. Thank you DQ.

Do you have memories attached to certain foods? Share them below, or at As you're preparing for the upcoming holidays, don't be discouraged. Your efforts are not in vain. You're making memories.

Just look at this thing! Daddy never bought us a triple.

See? There's more than one cute town named Auburn.

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