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Gaga for Gadgets

I'm a sucker for kitchen gadgets. If it advertises to make my life easier while cooking, I'm in; hook, line, and sinker. Over the years, I've accumulated quite a few of these helpful treasures and my cup runneth over. Hence, I've learned how to resist the powerful urges. I've put myself on restriction from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I quickly scan past the infomercials. I stay away from the Williams and Sonoma website. They are my kryptonite. At least I am fully aware and have admitted my problem.

I fell off the wagon last week. My precious friend Stacy had a Pampered Chef online party. I didn't know these even existed! I'd attended plenty of these in-home soirees in my 30's and fed my addiction, but online? It was too easy. I browsed the website like a dog in heat. I replaced a mini spatula that had worn completely out over 20 years. Necessity, right? I found a scoop loop and a can strainer for $7 each. I could justify that. I added a scoop and drain that was really cool for $13. My Walmart model from 30 years ago is about kaput, so this new and improved model will be there when it finally bites the dust. All perfectly understandable and rational purchases. Then I went over the cliff like Thelma and Louise. The herb mill was calling my name. I've been using fresh herbs on our new eating plan and just had to have it. It was $39. Oops. Total relapse.

One would think that hub would be quite perturbed at my gadget fixation. Nope, not a bit. Why? He has one of his own. Techno gadgets. He wears a computer on his wrist in the shape of a little square. That wonderful man of mine didn't wear a watch for years until this little bad boy appeared. He has a mouthpiece shaped toothbrush that beeps when it's finished pumping sound waves or something similar into his choppers. That sounds horrifying to me, but he loves it. He recently installed security cameras all over the outside of our home. If you visit our dwelling, smile! You're on candid camera. He can probably see you on his fancy watch. Does this bother me? Not one bit. He has his gadgets and I have mine. We don't fuss at each other for indulging every once in awhile. Whatever floats your boat, boo.

In my defense, I actually use my gadgets. Not every one every day, but all of them at some point. Ok, not the $5 crepe maker I had to have at an estate sale, but all of the others. My acquisitions are not in vain. I will get that crepe maker out on an upcoming cheat day and try my hand at some delicious French pancakes. It will not simply sit in the cabinet gathering dust. However, please don't invite me to any form of a kitchen gadget party, sale, etc. for at least 6 months. I'm begging you! I've gotten back on track and will not be feeding my addiction for a spell. Thank you Stacy.

Scroll down to see a few of my favorite gadgets. The corn stripper is so cute and quite handy, the pepper corer and egg slicer I use almost daily, the mini waffle maker can produce omelet style waffles for Keto fans, and the dollar tree egg poacher works like a charm. What is your kryptonite? Share them on You can join the weird and wonderful world for free! Consider it a support group.

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