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Gaga Goals

Mother's Day is so sweet. We get to celebrate the ladies that raised us, and hopefully get a little extra love from our own younguns. We gathered 'covid style' at my sweet sister's home to worship together via internet and share brunch. It was perfect. Kath made the comment that she rather liked quarantine, and I can't disagree. Slowing down hasn't been all bad. Sara Bibi is expecting, so that added another layer of love to Mother's Day this year. She's not claiming the holiday until the little one makes its entrance, but she still got a couple of goodies to welcome her into the mom club. God help her.

Moms pour their heart and soul into their children. Their words of wisdom don't stop once you've reached adulthood. No sir! You may think you're grown, but a Southern Momma will put you right back into junior high with one sentence if you get outta line. In my 50s, I still want to please my momma. I want her to be proud of me. I guess that never goes away if you're raised right. I can only hope that my boys feel that way as they grow.....cause on some days that older one makes me think I need a nerve pill, and I don't even take nerve pills. That's just part of being a momma. You give and give, and one day the kiddos get it. I'll wait, just like my mom did.

Moms have taught their kids to mind their manners and act right for generations. That doesn't mean kids don't slip. They fly off the handle and act ugly from time to time. I did it to my momma, I'm ashamed to say. That quote about karma never rang so true until I recognized some of my "not so lovely" juvenile behaviors in my own boys. I was getting pay back for sure! It will get better. Again, this requires waiting.

As I've aged, I've learned to appreciate my mom more. When my boys were little, I counted on her advice and guidance. As they've grown into men, my joy comes from watching them respect and adore her like I do. To be completely honest, I've occasionally let them know I wish they treated me as they do her. But what 20-something year old doesn't go through a season of thinking they know more than their momma? It's part of growing up. I did it to mine, sorry Mom. I know better now. I'll wait. Are you seeing the pattern here?

All the ages and stages bring new challenges, but also new joys. The conversations I've had with my man-boys have become so brutally honest, and sometimes covered super deep subjects. I've watched them begin to find themselves, ask hard questions, and struggle with life's challenges. They're not perfect as I wasn't, and sometimes make poor choices. My role is guiding them to own up to their mistakes and learn from them. I'll admit, occasionally I've yearned for skinned knees and runny noses. Those days were much simpler. (however I don't miss diaper blow-outs because, "EW!") I'm still waiting on them to grow into what they're going to be, and a lot of it is out of my hands now. That's much harder than carpooling them to lessons and games. But I'll continue to wait, just like my mom did.

Whatever momma-stage you're in, be in it. Love it for what it is, not what it isn't. Keep on parenting, but let it evolve as they grow. Don't compare your situation to others, it will only drive you crazy. One day, we'll all be treated like Gaga! That's the goal anyway.

Here's our crew for Mother's/Gaga Day. I hope your family had a beautiful day.

Gaga and the grands. Mother's Day 2020.

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