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Get Out Your Knee Socks!

There is something new coming to Montgomery! My bro-in-law, Mike the Pro, and my nephew William have the blisters on their hands to prove it. They spent hours shoveling dirt to create large holes at Gateway Golf Course to make it happen. It's called FootGolf, and I can't wait to try it!

It's a combination of golf and soccer. Now I cannot claim to be a master of either of those sports, but I was a pretty good kickball player at the local YMCA in my youth. My friend Sharon and I could hang with any of the boys back in the day. Over the years I've lost my skill set due to something lovingly called aging, but this FootGolf thing looks intriguing. Since hub is painstakingly helping me learn the game of golf through Lagoon's Operation 36 program, this just may be the ticket to recover a smidge of my pride after struggling to hit a little white ball with a metal club. I feel pretty confident that I can kick a soccer ball across a fairway. Shoot, I can probably get that thing up in the air, unlike the annoying little white ball.

The best part about FootGolf is the outfit. The professionals don brightly colored knee socks, knee length shorts, collared shirts with vests if desired, and flat caps. I realize I'd look like a complete idiot in that getup, but the temptation to find some fun knee socks is one I may not be able to resist. My daddy had a mean sock game, so patterned socks hold a special place in my heart. He would definitely approve of a knee length version. Going to this extreme is not required, but why not? You only live once. Might as well do it in flamboyant knee socks.

All of the information you need is on the website, There's an instructional video, how to reserve a tee time, and all the rules so you won't go in blindly. Yes there are rules, so don't randomly pull up in a muscle shirt and cutoffs to use the golf course as your own personal soccer field. Let's keep it civil people. Your momma would want you to mind your manners.

As for the little white ball of frustration, I'm not giving up! My fam jam foursome will be back at it again this Sunday after church, getting tips from Mike the Pro and hub, who have both played the game since childhood. I'll be the one in leopard print galoshes, which aren't exactly proper golf attire, but it's been raining for weeks in these parts. Thank goodness I'm related to the Pro who is fully aware that leopard print galoshes are MY idea of the perfect golf shoe to keep my feet dry and stylish at the same time. Thank you for your patience and understanding, bro.

Join this old dog as she learns some new tricks! At the least, it will be hilariously entertaining, and we'll get some needed exercise. It's free to learn with Operation 36 at Lagoon, but call ahead to sign up. It's a stress-free, low pressure way to learn the game. As for FootGolf, you'd better go find some knee socks. It launches February 1st at Gateway Golf!

Who has the best sock game? Time will tell.

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