I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with Google.

I was raised in the generation of World Books and Encyclopedia Britannica. Our families and schools had to purchase 22 volumes of these books to have information for school projects, work, and general knowledge. As the information changed, your encyclopedias became outdated and you had to purchase another set. They are selling the 2019 volumes for up to $999.00! I'm shocked that they are still being printed every year. How did I gain that information?

I googled it.

Need to find a place to stay on vacation? Google.

How far is it to St. Louis? Google.

Where is Idaho? (because I'm not that great at geography) Google.

What band sings the song playing in the restaurant? Google.

Who won the 1978 NCAA men's basketball tournament? Kentucky, but if you didn't know that, Google.

I love having World Book in my pocket. I can access just about anything in a matter of seconds. Do I miss looking things up in one of the 22 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica? Absolutely not.

If you see hub and me at a restaurant and we're on our phones, do not shake your heads in disapproval. We are not ignoring each other. A question has come up in our conversation, and we are having a google race to see who can find the answer first. We're educating ourselves and enjoying each others company! If you haven't tried this, beware: it is fun and addictive!

I'll admit some of the advancements in technology scare me a little. It might be that I'm ignorant, or it might be that I'm being cautious. Nevertheless, Google has won me over. I am on the train and blowing the horn in celebration of its convenience. Thank you Larry Page and Sergey Brin for your genius.

How did I find out who to thank for Google?

You got it, I googled it.

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