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Grocery Game Changer

I've never been a huge fan of having to go to Walmart. In fact, I try to stay away from the big box as much as possible. The crowds and lack of cashiers are a huge deterrent for me. Don't get me wrong, I love a Walmart bargain, but just don't like the shopping process there. Last year, I reluctantly tried a new service they provided and was more than pleasantly surprised. It was a game changer!

My sis was the one who shared the wonderful Walmart secret with my hesitant self. Grocery pick up is the best thing this store has ever done! You sign into their site, choose your store and pick up time, and then shop in your pajamas. You can choose to allow substitutions or not. You can browse the aisles without a buggy. You can shop at midnight after everyone has gone to bed for pick up the next day. After making your purchase, they send you a confirmation email and then another one when it's ready. You simply push a button letting them know you're on your way, and then pull up into the reserved area for pick up. Shazam! Did I say game changer?

After your arrival, FRIENDLY associates bring the bounty to your car and load it in for you. I always jump out and try to help, but they usually refuse it, politely telling me to get back in my vehicle and let them do their job. I don't know where they find these people, but they are the cream of the crop. They must get extra training, or hopefully paid a little more because they make you feel appreciated that you chose to shop at their store. After years of getting eye rolls or heavy sighs for asking for help indoors, this small section of associates have gotten customer service right. They deserve much praise. They are the game changers.

Sis and I will be training our mom on grocery pick up this year. She's heard us sing its praises so much that she wants to give it a go. Hub has no problem picking up without my assistance, and never complains. If I tried to send him to "make groceries" with a double-sided, extra long list the traditional way, he'd probably tell me I'd lost my mind. Now I say, "the groceries are ready", and off he goes. He can make those groceries without mild anxiety or 17 phone calls to me about which brand I desire. I can get some work done awaiting his arrival to help him unload the hearty fare. BOOM! Game changer.

Have you discovered this fantastic service? I encourage you to try it. The best thing is that it's FREE! Don't be scared of new things. This one is a....... well, you can finish that sentence on your own. is looking for new family members! Subscribe and join the weird and wonderful world!

Thank you Walmart.

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