Happy Anniversary?

Hub and I celebrated our anniversary earlier this month. On our first anniversary, we decided we would follow the traditional gifts each year. The fourth is fruit or flowers. It seemed easy enough, but our life never seems to follow a smooth course. Interesting bumps come, and I wasn't disappointed.

I did a little googleicious searching and found socks emblazoned with his favorite fruit, the pineapple. I had them monogrammed with our wedding date and "four down, forever to go". He loved them, and it didn't break the bank. Score!

I did not expect hub to be as clever in his gift giving. I have learned not to set myself up for disappointment, and am excited when he remembers to get a card. Maybe it would have flowers on it. That would meet the traditional requirements, and he would inscribe a few words of everlasting love that would warm my heart. Expectation met. What happened was even better, and suited our weird and wonderful world.

He posted a pic and heartfelt message to me that morning on Facebook. FB has become the Hallmark of the modern era. I truly appreciated his effort and feelings behind the post instead of whining that he took the easy way out. Remember, we are technlogically challenged. It probably took him longer to compose that post and attach a picture than it would've taken him to pick up a card in a store. Way to go hub!

Later that evening, we were at the grocery buying snacks and water to take to the Cotton Festival the next morning, because we would be at the booth for seven hours. He picked out a beautiful bouquet of flowers and made sure my favorite color was amongst the blooms. I know this probably doesn't sound super romantic or glamorous, but I was impressed that he played along with the traditional theme. It was a sweet moment in the grocery. He looked awful cute walking across the store with a bouquet of flowers in his hand just for me. He had a slightly nervous, yet proud smile on his face that reminded me of a teenage boy. He held them out and said, "Happy Anniversary Baby. I love you." Awwww.

When we got back home, I cut the stems and put the arrangement in a vase. To my surprise, there was a pick that had, "Happy Boss's Day" written on a little coffee cup. I burst into laughter and called him in to see it. He died laughing as well. Never being one for details, he hadn't noticed that the bouquets were labelled for different occasions. He just found purple. Flowers: $20. Irony: priceless.

After we composed ourselves, he went to throw the pick in the trash. Not so fast, bud. I added it to the vase with the flowers. That small blunder was going to give me moments of joy for at least a week. I knew every time I walked by it, I would laugh. It had to stay. Accident or not, his gift was going to keep on giving. Happy Anniversary/Boss's Day babe. You won this round.

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I hope you find laughter in the little things.

Brees stopped to smell the "anniversary" flowers.

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