Happy Fall Ya'll

I'm a sucker for autumn. I've always loved its colors, temperatures, sports and flavors. This year, we had to wait a hot minute (pun intended) for it to arrive. Although I'm fully aware that the Deep South may get yet another record breaking heat wave, this week has given us hope that fall is coming soon.

My momma decorated for every holiday. From Derby Day to St. Patricks Day, and everything in-between. Come to think of it, she still does, just not as extravagantly since Sis and I moved out. This obsession was passed on to us. We stored year-round decor to make way for holiday trinkets. Our kids loved it. The hubs? Not so much, but that was a losing battle, so why fight it?

I've accumulated quite a collection of holiday decorations over the years. To be completely honest, it's a little disturbing. Fall Festivals and tent sales only fed my addiction. Mom would frequently surprise me with additional holiday doodads to add to the stash. When shopping for my current home, a space for holiday storage was on the top of the must have list. I'm sure my realtor thought I was nuts turning down many options that would've sufficed for normal people. Luckily, I accepted that I left "normal" a long time ago. Thanks mom.

In the past few years, I purged some of my inventory. I challenged myself to simplify for my sanity, as well as the sanity of those living with me. It was good in theory, and my journey back into retail management put a damper on any decorating desires. My poor family was lucky to get one pumpkin out of me during that time. They didn't seem to mind, but I was dying inside. The warm fuzzy feelings I got from holiday decor were missing. I wasn't as happy, and "when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

This year, I put off decorating for Halloween/Fall. I simply couldn't make myself get out the pumpkins and scarecrows in 100 degree heat. Because I now work from home, time was ticking and I was growing impatient. The house was bare and boring. My inner child was yearning to come out and play, but my adult self was sweating like a sinner in church. When the thermostat dipped below 90, I jumped in. All in.

My youngest helped me get everything out without a single complaint. He smiled as I "oo'd" and "ah'd" over each little thing. He listened, or appeared to listen, as I retold the stories that went with several items. You see, memories are attached to these trinkets. I think that's why I love getting it out every year. I'm sappy and sentimental, and I make no apologies for that fact.

In a few hours, I decked the halls with shades of orange, yellow and red. I strung purple and orange lights in the trees. I hung ghosts and bats and jack-o-lanterns a-plenty. I bought pumpkins and mums. It wasn't completely "over the top" as it used to be, but it was enough to satisfy. The warm fuzzy feelings were there. I "got my groove back" and all was right in my world once again. So far.

Will I fall off the wagon and begin adding things to my collection? Time will tell. I'm resisting the urge, but it's growing stronger everyday. I reminded myself that taking it all down is not nearly as fun as putting it up. I didn't tag along with Mom and Sis to the tent sale. I'm trying to stay out of stores, because I know they're currently packed with tempting holiday treasures. Put me on your prayer list, I'm going to need it. On a positive note, whenever hub and I downsize, there's going to be one heck of a yard sale!

Have you decorated for fall? Post your pics!

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I'll add candles and such later, but it's a start!

This guy has held the Halloween candy for many years.

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