Hello mid life

I've come to accept the facts. I am undeniably in mid life. This did not hit me like a ton of bricks crashing down on my head, it snuck up on me. There have been hints along the way: going to bed earlier, waking up before dawn (which I actually love), aches and pains for no reason, not understanding "kids these days". Oh yeah, the signs are all there. But today, an alarming sight rocked me to my core.

Hub was innocently mowing the lawn and I spotted it. The socks. The same socks that mortified me in my teens that my dad chose to wear in the FRONT yard as he mowed the grass. I used to duck inside when he adorned his calves with the green rugby striped socks. I was horrified that my friends would drive by and see his poor taste in footwear. He was normally a well dressed gentleman, but not so much while working in the yard. Teens need their parents to look, act, and speak totally normal 100% of the time, can I get an "amen?"

It dawned on me that hub and I are not youthful whipper snappers any longer. We are young at heart, but not so young. We dress more for comfort and function than fashion and swag. We like naps. We laugh at things our man-children don't understand. We turn the volume down on the radio sometimes. (not if it's old school funk, then we turn it up!) We watch birds. We like gardening. Oh, the horror!

Instead of feeling disappointed at hub's sock choice, I laughed. I chose to accept aging with open arms. I decided not to fight it, but embrace it. Getting older has its perks; you gain wisdom, and you get discounts on McDonald's coffee. Bring it on!

Hub's socks don't have a rugby stripe like dad's used to, but they're definitely middle aged swag.

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