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The age of technology can be quite confusing for this pen and paper girl. Although I try my best, I often fall short in my efforts to use the tools that it provides. Luckily, I have man-boys.

Recently, it was pointed out to me by one of these bundles of joy that my instagram posts were all wrong. I will admit, I've not read all the help articles on this insta-phenomenon, and am by no means an expert. I've read enough to do the bare minimum and haven't really worried too much about it. However, in this day and age, instagram is the number one mode of promoting oneself or business to the world. I needed a crash course.

Enter Googleicious. (Refer to previous blog) I discovered that there is a ridiculous amount of programs designed to assist in making one an Instagram connoisseur. Most advertise themselves as being "free", but in order to sign up for these classes, one must fork out up to several hundred dollars. That's not free.

I decided that being a moderate specialist would have to suffice. I sat my oldest down and began my education. In a matter of minutes, he showed me a couple of tweaks that I could easily implement on my posts. This unfortunately required me to completely delete and redo previous posts, but I was willing. I felt a new sense of accomplishment.

Do I still consider myself an instaidiot? Pretty much. I'm a middle-aged rookie in a sea of twenty-something veterans. They were raised with a cell phone in hand, and understand much more about apps and insta-everything than I ever will. That's alright with me though. As long as I have their assistance, I can wade through the technology waters with some shred of confidence.

So here's to my man-boys. Thanks for helping this old gal learn some new tricks. Keep in mind, it will always be free of charge because I gave you life, so don't get any crazy ideas. "Just sayin."

Love you most!

These two make this momma's world go 'round. Cutest insta-tutors ever!

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