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Instaidiot II

If you received a direct message on instagram containing one of my blogs from my hub, he offers his sincerest apologies. He was attempting to share and instead sent a DM to his entire list of followers, one at a time. Heavenly days.

We are obviously still learning how to use instagram. His youngest daughter brought this recent blunder to his attention and his response was, "What's a DM?" Bless his heart.

Please be patient as we wade through the waters of technology. Forgive our mishaps and enjoy a good belly laugh, on us. We have certainly laughed until we cried on this one.

Update on healthy eating: We've stuck with it all week, I've chopped so many vegetables it's not even funny, and we've not killed each other from the lack of sugar. Hub's lost 6 lbs, and I've lost 4. I'd say we're pretty much kicking booty so far. Thanks to all who have sent words of encouragement, recipes, and kept us accountable. We need all the help we can get.

If anyone knows a substitute for tortilla chips, hub would greatly appreciate it. He's running out of things on which he can top with his homemade salsa.

Get out there and soak up your weekend!

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Thanks for the support!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself.

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