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It's a small world after all.

Have you ever had a random encounter with a stranger that left you pleasantly amazed? I've always heard we are six degrees from separation, but my experience yesterday skipped a few of those steps.

I heard the UPS truck pulling up and was close enough to get to the front door. My momma raised me to always say 'please' and 'thank you', so I opened the door to offer my appreciation to the delivery man. The gentleman in brown turned to say, "You're welcome", and paused. Pointing a finger in my direction he exclaimed, "It's you! The Saints fan!" He was the delivery guy that I'd had the pleasure of seeing many times at my previous job. We'd often shared football stories about our beloved team from New Orleans as he made his deliveries. I liked this guy.

Then he told me something that blew my mind. He said, "You're not going to believe this, but this is the house where I grew up." Wow, just wow! He went on to tell me he'd previously passed by on a route and called his brother to let him know there were Saints fans living in their former dwelling. It made them feel good to know they shared something in common with the new owners.

We laughed about the large birds that used to adorn the dining room wallpaper, now gone. He pointed out which window housed each of his siblings in their youth. I shared who now occupied each room. We agreed that the pool was one of the best things about the house, and I informed him it had been switched to salt water and had a new liner. He told me stories of he and his brothers playing with the central vacuum system, which no longer works and has been removed. He mentioned how good the new roof looked. He disclosed some of the history of the house, and I caught him up to the present.

I asked him to take a peek into the front rooms. I could see happy memories flooding his mind as he stepped inside his childhood home. He breathed deeply, smiled, and took it all in. He was thrilled that the unique marble chunk floors were still intact. He loved the new colors on the walls. I offered to let him walk through the house, but he was on a tight schedule. I invited him to come back when he wasn't working, and I sincerely hope he takes me up on that offer.

My mom still lives in my childhood home. I can go back any time I have nostalgia for a visit. It's been over 30 years since I lived there, but I can still feel the love, smell the smells, and reclaim the memories of growing up in such a happy place. I can visualize my daddy laughing, working, relaxing, and playing in all of his favorite spots. It's less than five minutes away, and still available for me to walk in any time I desire those warm and fuzzy feelings. I have a key, for crying out loud! After my chance meeting with my now favorite UPS man, I'm no longer taking it for granted.

So, use the manners your momma gave you and say thank you. You never know who you might meet. We're only six degrees apart, after all.

Here is the floor from the 70s that I still think is super cool. Please don't look too close, I'm sure it needs cleaning.

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