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Love is in the Air

We just returned from our first trip since March. We traveled to hub's home in Louisiana and were able to join with his family to witness the wedding of our niece. She was a beautiful bride! Her heart is even prettier than her face, and her face is quite the sight to behold. There was laughter and happy tears, everything you'd want in a wedding. They kept things very small with the current Covid situation, and I couldn't help but think of the way things used to be done. I also began to wonder how weddings would look in the future. Here goes some future-trippin'!

First, a look back. My first wedding was a circus. There's no other way to describe it. We sent out over 900 invitations, rented an entire museum for the get my drift. In my defense, which is really weak, my daddy was the minister of music for a very large church. He'd served in the same place for 20+ years at that point, and it was not in the cards to leave folks out. A copy of my wedding invitation was placed in the church's bulletin, for heaven's sake! That one invite blanketed anyone in the 4000+ membership to come join in on the fun! There were no fancy RSVP cards/envelopes back then that gave us an estimate of guests that would be attending. The sweet caterer had to be ready to just whip up more food if we ran out. God bless her. Whatever miracle she pulled off was similar to the feeding of the 5000! I'm not sure if peanut butter sandwiches were served at the end, but it wouldn't surprise me. It was a beautiful day, but a whirlwind. I couldn't tell you who all I'd hugged as I left in the horse drawn carriage. (Do not make fun - I'm from Kentucky, remember?) The pictures that came later filled in a lot of blurry blanks as to who was in attendance. Did I mention the word circus?

Fast forward to this past weekend. We were in the #1 state of new Covid cases. My gorgeous niece and her handsome beau married in a lovely white country church with just family and a couple of their closest friends in attendance. There were no bridesmaids or groomsmen standing with them. Just the two of them and the preacher under a flower filled arch. It was simple. It was heartfelt. It was perfect. It reminded me of my second wedding, where hub and I chose to keep it small. We weren't about to put on a big show. First, I was raised in the south, and it's considered tacky to overdo a second/third/fill-in-the-number-you-need wedding. Second and most importantly, hub and I wanted simple and sincere. The only 'over the top' thing we desired was a second line at the reception to "When the Saints Go Marching In", complete with umbrellas and twirled handkerchiefs. We got that wish.

If you need a glass half full way of looking at Covid19, here ya go. This pandemic simplified weddings and other events. It made them about celebrating with those closest to you, and not having to feel guilt about leaving someone out. It has given us time to slow down and truly visit with those in attendance. It's also freed folks from the guilt of feeling like they "needed" to go to a celebration, even if they didn't have the desire or time to attend. Warm wishes can still be sent via social media when the pictures are posted. Sure, you may not receive as many gifts, but how many crystal candy dishes do you really need anyway? The society pages may be a little thinner, but there are also a lot less fake hugs and air kisses.

Every single person in attendance at my niece's wedding was there with only prayers and good wishes for their future. There was no talking behind her back because someone was jealous of how stunning she looked. There was no shred of negativity, only love. If that's how weddings are going to look in the future, then hooray! Let them stay small and heartfelt. The dads of the brides probably won't mind it either. Can I get an Amen?

What's your opinion? Do you miss the over the top events? No judgement here, share away! Are you enjoying the smaller scale festivities Covid has required? Subscribe to and let's discuss!

Here's a few photos from the wedding. Isn't she radiant? The groom wasn't so bad either! And yes, there's always a crazy uncle in the family. I get to claim this one!

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