Morning Walks

Hub and I have been taking morning walks through the neighborhood during the "safe at home" order to get our blood pumping. It's one of the things that has been added to the plus column of quarantine. It's allowed us dedicated time to just talk about anything and everything. We've gotten ideas for home improvements. We've discussed big dreams for the future. We've shared social distance appropriate conversations with neighbors. We've held hands like high schoolers. Here are a few treasures we found along the way.

The Teddy Bear Scavenger hunt is a hit! We saw several in our hood, some easier to spot than others.

Quarantine can't get you down with these cute Easter decorations.

These big ole oaks made my heart happy. They are so stately and beautiful.

We don't know if the brick cross was intentional, but we loved it.

Take time to stop and look at flowers! This one was a beauty. Purple is my favorite.

This Pine Tree has been named "Banana" due to the way its curved. Might not be the safest thing, but it's cool.

This bad boy did some damage! It took out a power line and a fence during a storm. Look at the roots.... they came right out of the ground! The rings inside the trunk were fascinating. NO, I did not count them. On the good side, someone got their wood supplied for next winter. To be completely transparent, we were a bit jealous of that.

Don't you just love a tree lined street? The red bows and American flag screamed Southern to me. I also love how sunlight streamed through the trees, casting shadows everywhere. Neato torpedo.

This has been my very favorite part of our walks. It looks like the entrance to a secret garden. I love the way it fills me with imagination and wonder, every single time we walk past. It beckons me to come inside and see what is hidden behind the red door, but that would be trespassing. I might've looked through the little window, but only for a few seconds. Who could resist a glance of THIS? It feels like a storybook.

Besides the exercise, I've discovered the best part of our walks has been spending time with my best friend. I've got the greatest quarantine partner EVER! If you've been feeling the "cabin fever" as we have, I encourage you to take a walk with a camera. You may be surprised at what you find.

Have you been on walks lately? What have you found? Post your favorite spots so we can share in your adventures; big or small. Subscribe to I really appreciate the support of my family of wonderful weirdos!

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