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N.A.D/W.A.D who knew?

I've been busy being googlicious on a subject close to my heart, adoption. Since my book One Thing Missing launched this past spring, I've been trying to find adoption groups and advocates that could use the book in their resources for adoptive parents. The main reason I even wrote the book was to help parents have a tool in sharing their adoption story with their child. Growing up, I heard many stories about adopted kids who didn't find out they were adopted until they were grown, and how much that hurt them. The main reason their parents said they didn't tell them is that they didn't know how. Books like One Thing Missing were written to assist in letting the adoptive child know how special they are, right from the start.

In my googliciousness, I stumbled upon a couple of websites for adoption awareness. Did you know that World Adoption Day is November 9, US National Adoption Day is the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and the USA recognizes November as national Adoption Awareness Month? I didn't, and I'm adopted. Sad, but true. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be promoting these from now on! I'm no longer ignorant, so to not do so would be straight up lazy. The "it's too hot" excuse will not be applicable either. Besides, I'm a little excited about this new discovery.

I've already taken my first step: I wrote and submitted an essay about my adoption story for a chance at a guest blog on an international advocate's webpage. Pretty cool, huh? I'll let you know more about that later. I then discovered that Tuscaloosa and Coffee County have Adoption Day celebrations in November, but nowhere else in Alabama lists anything. Nada. Ziltch. Zippo. That made my heart hurt a bit. If anyone out there knows of a celebration or awareness event not publicized on the internet, please pass that information along. I'd love to try to attend. I also found out that on November 9, there's a worldwide selfie celebration for adoption. It's easy! Draw a smiley face on your palm, take a picture, and post it on social media with the hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay. Not too difficult, right? More information is available on All the cool kids are doing it.

I'll be continuing to make attempts to connect with adoption groups, whether it be to share my story or help promote the wonderful world of adoption. Leads, names, encouragement and prayer are all welcomed! I'll also share my essay closer to Adoption Month, now that I know it exists. Mercy. Better late than never.

Ignorant no more! Visit for more information

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