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If you think this blog is about the Academy Awards ceremony that aired last night, you will be sorely disappointed. I did watch the red carpet and awards show, complete with pretty dresses and a few overly-political speeches, but this is dedicated to an Oscar that is more important to me. My little helper.

I've stated in previous blogs that I name practically anything that I own. Well, my little robot vacuum was named after a beloved character from Sesame Street that amused me in my childhood. Oscar the Grouch lived in a trash can, my little Oscar is a robotic trash can. It seemed suitable to me.

Oscar doesn't do as thorough a job as a regular vacuum, but he sure helps out in the in-between times. My momma gave him to me a few Christmases ago, and he's been one of the best gifts I've ever received. He saves me time, and takes care of eating up light dirtiness around the house. He's also provided hours of entertainment for the cats who rule the home, so that's an added plus. He makes his way back to the dock for charging as he's running out of battery life without any help. All I have to do is empty him after his run. It's joyous.

I do not usually recommend cleaning devices as a gift option, but paired with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, this would make a great Valentine's present for a busy spouse. As we age, we realize that needless trinkets only add more clutter and useful gifts are a much better choice. When I was younger I would've never felt that way, but age brings wisdom. That said, I wouldn't recommend giving this to your adoring spouse on your first Valentine's Day. It would not go over well. Put it in your memory bank for later, and head to the jewelry store. You would never hear the end of it. Trust me on that one.

As for you who are seasoned in your relationship, wrap one of these bad boys up with a card letting your loved one know you are proud of how hard they work to keep a tidy home, and want to save them some precious time and energy with a new robotic friend. More than likely it will be appreciated. Don't forget the flowers though. You can't neglect a little romance for the holiday of love, and a vacuum is NOT romantic on its own. However, with the correct pairing, it can be a treasured and valued present. Valentine's problem solved. You're welcome.

And the best little vacuum helper award goes to....OSCAR!

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