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Personality Plus?

I took one of those personality quizzes online for fun the other day, and it labeled me a protagonist. I'm usually not one for labels of any kind, but I read the description just to see how accurately this little quiz defined me. Here are the results.

Protagonists are 93% feeling and 7% thinking. That's pretty spot on since most of my thoughts have emotions behind them, good or bad. Not too shabby little quiz.

Protagonists are natural born leaders and full of passion, making up 2% of the population. OK little quiz, you've made me feel pretty darn good about myself, so I'll read on.

Protagonists usually follow down a career path such as politics, coaching, or teachers. Uh.....NO on the first two, but BINGO on the third! So far, so good little quiz.

Protagonists have a concern for altruism, and their interest in others is genuine, almost to a fault. I can see that, although I've learned through aging how to emotionally detach a bit. I still occasionally experience sleepless nights worrying about others though, especially the manboys. I call that being a momma, little quiz.

Protagonists are optimists, but overly idealistic. I'll admit to occasionally being unrealistic, but is it so terrible to think your grown children still love Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Little quiz, you've lost your sense of wonder. Go spin in the rain.

Protagonists are team players, reliable and loyal. BOOM! That made me feel fantastic! I think I like you little quiz.

Protagonists are too sensitive and have fluctuating self-esteem. And just like that, I'm brought right back down to earth. I just experienced both of those, thanks to you little quiz.

Protagonists, are charismatic and warm, but hurt easily. Is that a backhanded compliment little quiz? Butter my biscuit, then slide the negative on the backside? I see how you work. This quiz must be Southern.

Protagonists are creative and great multitaskers. Now that's more like it! This was headed in the wrong direction, but now we're back on track. Keep it coming little quiz, and try not to easily hurt my overly sensitive self-esteem why don't ya?

Protagonists avoid conflict and need attention. Holy Shmoly. My Momma taught me that if I didn't have anything nice to say not to say anything at all, so I guess I'm going to keep my mouth shut on that one. Little quiz, would you say that's conflict avoidance or good manners?

There you have it: me in a nutshell, diagnosed by an algorithm. I reckon it's pretty accurate overall. At least it provided me a few minutes of mindless entertainment during my brain break. Have you taken a personality quiz? What were your results? Good or bad, don't take them too seriously. Let the WWW (Weird Wonderful World) get to know YOU at

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Here's a kiss to all my fellow weirdos. MWAH!!!

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