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Pomp, Circumstance, and the Voices in My Head

Hub and I recently participated in Operation 36 again, and........drumroll please.......I graduated! Now I realize it was only to the next level, but since it was the second time in my life to ever hold a golf club somewhat properly, I was thrilled! Of course, hub graduated to the third level with ease, but that was expected. Unfortunately, there was no "Pomp and Circumstance" played for me, but it didn't get me down. I hummed it in my head as I walked off the course doing my victory dance.

One of the best parts of the day was meeting new friends. We got paired with a couple that were more on hub's skill level. That intimidated me a bit in the beginning, but they were so gracious and kind that it squelched any fears of my being the lowest talent on the totem pole. Herb kept me laughing and Gloria was my greatest encourager. Sharing looks with Gloria as he pulled the golf cart around shouting coaching tips to her on every single hole was definitely a highlight. She smiled, shook her head, and just made shots. It was hilarious. Herb was a seasoned golfer, with a huge personality and a bigger smile. They made the day better, and definitely more entertaining!

Operation 36 not only helps you learn the game of golf, but provides an avenue to meet other golf lovers. No matter your skill set, everyone is there to get better. Even those who have played most of their lives are happy to share a tip with the newbies. You're competing with yourself, which is daunting enough on its own. Having others there to lift you up helps take the negative voices out of your head. I constantly engage in conversations with myself, so being able to laugh with others is a nice change. (talking to yourself is a sign of genius, right?)

Anyhoo, this girl is a proud member of the 50 yard club! I'll be at Lagoon Golf next time trying my best to get used to the wedge. It's been a struggle, I won't lie, but I'm determined to keep playing. Hopefully Herb and Gloria will be there. I'll need the laughs to keep my frustration at bay. It will most likely take me a couple of sessions to graduate again, so Mike won't have to hire a band just yet.

Do you want to learn to play golf? Sign up for the next Operation 36 session at Lagoon Park Golf @playmontgomerygolf or call (334) 240-7920.

Subscribe for free at for further updates on Operation36 Lagoon, and a glimpse into the voices in my head. Don't worry, they're friendly!

New friends!

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