I watched several gardening hack videos a couple of weeks ago and began putting some of the tips into practice during this social distancing period. Here's a look at the progress so far....

Check out the tiny green buds!

The carrots are finally beginning to sprout! A word of warning, these get pretty moldy and gross as they do their thing.

The garlic gets moldy as well, but no roots have shown up yet. This one requires some patience. The red vase is nice though, don't you agree?

The rose bush and jasmine are not showing any signs of roots yet, but I have faith!

Look at the celery! It's already growing a new stalk or two! This is for you less patient gardening friends. It was FAST!

The green onions are for the immediate gratification folks! These bad boys sprouted in only a week! They were so easy, just keep them watered.

So there you have it. The DIY garden is beginning to show signs of success! I'll post more pictures as I see new growth. The peppers and tomatoes have not shown themselves yet. All the gardening hacks survived the bad weather, and we haven't killed anything yet. I count that as a win!

Have you started a DIY garden? I used nothing but veggies from the grocery store to do this project. Hopefully, we'll have fresh vegetables all summer! If you need seeds, you can order some here.

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