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Saying goodbye.

Goodbyes are tough. Whether it be people, places or things, we get attached and it is hard to let go. Yesterday I said goodbye to Holy Cross Episcopal School, which unfortunately is closing. I had the joy of catching up with a few of the staff as we cleaned out the rooms that we held dear for many years. There were hugs, stories and tears. It was bittersweet.

I spent my time at HCES teaching elementary music. The moment you walked through its doors, you felt peace and love. Everyday was uplifting. Everyday brought joy. Everyday I felt God's presence. The staff, students, and parents were second to none. Not only did the children receive an excellent education, they were also nourished spiritually.

We began every morning singing "I Will Enter His Gates" as we walked into chapel. We heard countless priests and teachers share scripture, stories and testimonies to inspire us to live a better life. We sang praises together. We took the Lord's Supper together. We cried, we laughed, we celebrated and we mourned, together. This built an unbreakable bond and made us a family.

As I was sorting through the music room, I could hear the children singing "Child of Tomorrow". I could see them laughing and dancing in their musicals. I could recall them learning music theory and earning basketball shots during our annual "March Music Madness". I could remember them learning about composers and music styles. Precious memories flooded my mind and warmed my heart.

I walked the halls one last time as I waited for hub to arrive. When he found me, he said, "I know this is really emotional for you babe. Just think of all the things the kids learned while they were in these rooms." He got it. I could see he was hurting too. You see, he'd spent hours at Holy Cross helping me set up stages, clean up sound equipment, move classrooms, work the low country boil, and bring his guitar for show and tell with the children. He loved this place.

We walked out to the chapel and peered into its windows. We were married there. Our family and close friends shared one of the happiest days of our lives within those walls. He comforted me by saying, "Surely no one will tear this down." He understood the concern that brought on my silence.

As I drove off the campus, I said a little prayer for Holy Cross. I gave thanks for the people that crossed my path in my time there, and the many touching memories I would always treasure. I prayed for its future, and that it would continue to be a place where you felt peace and love.

Farewell Holy Cross, and good luck in whatever new adventure awaits you.

"May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be at your back. May the sun shine warmly on your face. May the rain fall softly on your field. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. Amen."

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