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Scratching that Itch

Do you sit and stare at things in your home, dreaming of improvements you would like to make? Oh man, I do that all the time. It also doesn't help that I've been watching insane amounts of home improvement shows lately. I was itching to update my kitchen cabinets, and Friday I took the plunge. Home Depot was calling me and I answered the phone! Hub and I masked up, bought a can of primer, paint, green tape and a couple of trays/rollers, and I started scratching my DIY itch. Woo hoo!

Now I've noticed something that is very different from the last time I painted kitchen cabinets, which was at least 15 years ago. Numbering cabinets, removing hardware, sanding, priming, putting it all back together after sufficient dry time... there's a ton of steps I'd forgotten! I'm feeling every single muscle I've used to roll and brush that paint onto the cabinets. I did move a refrigerator out from the wall, so there's that, but holy moly, I needed a day of rest after painting 14 hours! I was stiff as a board, walking like a mummy to get to the bathroom. I asked hub to rub my feet, but his hands were cramping up from the help he'd given me. I'm not sure if his "arthritis"is a real thing or a convenient way to get out of rubbing my aching feet, but he was definitely feeling the aches and pains of physical labor as well. I decided to let it slide this time. There we were, two middle aged adults groaning and grunting at every movement. Luckily we laugh at ourselves a lot, so uncontrollable giggles erupted after every moan. It was quite the show while serving us a piece of humble pie.

We accomplished our first goal! Unfortunately it was reduced drastically from day one when we realized that tackling the entire kitchen in a weekend was just not going to happen. However, one wall of cabinets is complete and I cannot believe the difference. I needed sunglasses this morning because it was so bright! I immediately questioned my decision of white uppers, but have decided to press on with the next section. I will not let this beat me!

I think I'm actually going to love the new look. Even if I don't, you won't hear me complain! I'd forgotten how much satisfaction I get from the instant gratification of painting. Yes it brings muscle cramps, but the pleasure in a job well done outweighs any temporary pain. Plus, this entire project costed less than $75, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself and think I might need to get a show on HGTV. It could be a realistic look at DIY in your 50s, and how to chop your projects into practical chunks to avoid hurting yourself. We'd have to blast old school music to drown out the groaning. The shows with 48 hours to complete an entire room are for the young folks. My cabinets are going to take at least a week to complete, but we will win! I'll update you on our progress.

What projects have you taken on lately? Are they making you feel your age like us? Please feel free to share - you'll only make us feel better! Subscribe to for future updates and any trips to the doc in the box this might bring. Lord help us. Here's pics of the transformation - or at least the beginning of it. Please ignore any messes, it's a work in progress y'all!

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