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Thank you Quarantine!

The man cave closet has been completed! This was the last closet I cleaned out and reorganized during the recent quarantine. It was a hot mess. After throwing out a ton of junk, I had room to get the gift wrapping supplies from three other locations and put them all in one place. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!

One of the silver linings of the shut down was reorganizing every downstairs closet. It wasn't the funnest chore, but now that it's finished my stress level has decreased. "I know where stuff is", as we say down here in the South. I'll give you a rundown of some of the supplies I used and now love.

The over the door rack system from The Container Store is wonderful. Be sure to get the brackets if you want it to be hung over the door. You can customize it for your needs, and it's super easy to set up. I added the mesh wire baskets for my set up. They hold all the random tissue paper and gift tags. Praise God.

I also ordered two gift bag hanging thingies (no, that is not their official name) and separated my Christmas bags from everything else. I'm a big recycler of gift bags and tended to stick them in every closet, causing junkiness (is that a word?) to build up slowly. "Take that, clutter!" I'm winning.

The canvas bins are phenomenal! I've mentioned in the past that I'm big on wrapping most gifts instead of bagging them, so I purchased two of these beauties to store my abundance of wrapping paper. They come in several styles & colors and could be used for so many things, even laundry! I think that is their intended use anyway. Another victory! Thank you Amazon.

The other baskets and bins were ones I'd gotten from Dollar Tree or Target, but these links are for similar ones on Amazon if you don't want to get out . I simply cleaned every bin out, threw away the trash, and reorganized them by type of ribbon. There was even room to store some office supplies once it was organized! Now I can actually see what I have instead of digging through large boxes trying not to cuss.

Hub lived in clutter for several weeks while we waited on slower shipping times, but that's just the way life is right now. He was extremely patient and didn't complain. After the completion of the closet, he reorganized the rest of the room. Shazaam! If that's not a bonus, I don't know what is!

Here are a few pics of the new and improved wrapping closet. What have you reorganized? Post your pics, I'd love some new ideas.

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