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Costumes and the Capri

Last night, hub, Walker, a crew of friends and I attended the showing of "The Big Lebowski" at the Capri Theatre. This is an annual affair, and has grown over the years into quite the event. Some of the audience dress up like the characters in the film, and my two went all out. This required an all day scavenger hunt to find needed items, and I was happy to oblige. The results were well worth the effort.

Not unlike The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this movie has become a pop culture phenomenon that did not do well at the box office originally, but has grown in popularity over time. The eccentric characters, silly dream sequences, and just plain weirdness of the film have made it a favorite of many filmgoers. It's the same kind of strange as Napoleon Dynamite, but it's not a film for children, so you've been warned.

It all begins with a mistake in identity and a quest to get justice for a soiled rug. The rug "that really ties the room together" leads the "The Dude" and "Walter" on a journey of twists and turns that often leaves you wondering what in the world you are viewing. Some scenes will leave you shocked or bewildered. It's similar to a train wreck that you don't want to see, but can't seem to stop watching. Keep in mind, this is not an Oscar winning film, and you will most likely not gain any knowledge or worthwhile information from watching. It's just silly. The characters make you laugh, if you can ignore their foul language. The soundtrack is quirky and fun. The dream sequences cause you to shake your head and perhaps confuse you. The narrator doesn't seem to fit into the movie at all, but yet he's the perfect choice to tell the story. It's boy humor for adults. If you've raised boys, you understand that completely.

Hub, Walker, and Zach dressed up as the three main characters. I referred to my husband as "Dude" all night. Our group filled a row and shared hysterical laughter for 2 hours. A couple of them had never seen the film, and it was entertaining to watch their reactions. The Capri provided a lighthearted, amusing affair, complete with a raffle for a Lebowski-worthy prize package. If you've never been to the Capri, you're missing out. It's in the heart of Cloverdale, and is the longest continually operating movie theater in Alabama. It hosts amazing movies, concerts, film festivals, and pop culture nights like this one. It's clean, newly renovated, and historical. We prefer it to any chain theater. You can find out more information at I'll be taking my mom to see Downton Abbey there in a few weeks. It's worth the wait to go to the Capri.

Have you ever been to a showing of this or any other film in costume? Share your pictures! What's your favorite thing about the Capri, or your local theater? Keep the feedback PG, my wonderful weirdos. This is a family channel.

Dude, Walter, and Donny. Lord help me.

The fabulous Capri.

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