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They're baaaack...

There is one little creature that has always been a nuisance to me. It is on my "Why?" list to ask the Creator when I walk through the pearly gates. Hub spotted one of these irritating insects in our home a couple of days ago. I felt my heart rate go up at the sight of it smushed in his hand. Yes, he killed it. He's my hero.

This pesky bug has brought me nothing but itching pain and agony my entire life. I don't know why they exist. I'm sure there's some scientific explanation, but it can't outweigh the negative results. I'm talking about the mosquito.

Mosquitos have shown extra love for me over the years. If there's a group of twenty people sitting outside, they might get bitten 2 times. I'll have 36 little red bumps on my legs alone. Hub calls me his bug repellant, because if I'm around, he doesn't need any bug spray. It's been a phenomenon I've dealt with since childhood, but have never gotten used to it. The little suckers love my blood.

The sighting of this little critter would not have been a shock, except that the temperatures are currently in the 30s. In the past, mosquitos were not active in cold weather. Have they gotten immune to freezing temps? I've welcomed winter with open arms because I know I'll have several months of mosquito-free living. Have the bug-a-boos become stronger? Is global warming to blame?

This little fella was caught red handed in our house. He might have been trying to escape the bat that lives behind our backyard. Bats feast on mosquitos, and therefore I love bats. They don't bother me or bite me, and just fly around eating my enemies. Carry on, my little bat friends!

I'm now wrapping my head around the possibility of having to deal with the most annoying bugs EVER year round. I love living in the South. I realize mosquitos are everywhere, but they seem to be worse down here. I keep my can of insect repellant close by in the warm months, but do I really have to start spraying myself down all twelve months? I hope this is a one time sighting of an unnaturally mighty pest. If not, it's time to buy stock in bug spray!

Have you spotted a mosquito this winter? Are you afflicted with the same mosquito loving blood as I? Share your sightings below and at I may have to start a support group.

Here's a link to help rid your patio of the little devils.

It's February for crying out loud! No bugs allowed!

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