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Welcome Candler!

I've added a new member to the family! Meet Candler Reynolds, a sweetheart of a gal and a creative free spirit. She's currently working on the illustrations for I'm Not Weird, I'm Wonderful, due out next spring. I'm thrilled to have her work team up with my words!

Kids can sometimes be cruel. I experienced it as a child, and saw it as a teacher. I'm Not Weird, I'm Wonderful is a self esteem building, anti-bullying children's book. Accompanying worksheets and merchandise are already available on the website. Candler's magical style will only enhance the poem that describes my hope for every child to feel worthy of love. You won't want to miss this special book.

Check out Candler's work at She is super talented, and will do commission work for you, just don't bother her when she's working on my illustrations. Hahaaaa! She's actually quite the multitasker, so I'm sure she can handle additional requests. Don't go crazy though, we've got deadlines to meet. Patience is a virtue my friends, but that doesn't apply to publishers. You may go crazy after October 1st.

Isn't she a cute addition to my weird and wonderful world?

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