Which Team are You On?

I've seen varying opinions on the pandemic and precautions suggested to reduce the spread of the corona 19 virus. Folks are on opposite sides of the spectrum no matter what evidence is placed before them. I decided to use this blog to post both sides, and you can make up your own mind. Here are some quotes posted from real people. With whom do you agree?

"Stay inside the best you can people, and take ALL the necessary precautions if you have to go out! I understand life must go on, but please, please believe the hype. This is REAL! The people we are taking care of are getting really, really sick and they're having to do this alone because we won't allow visitors. People are dying ALONE."

"The virus is not a death sentence."

"It's not about you at all. It's about you becoming a carrier. It's about whether you choose to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem."

"My grandpa died already so I ain't worried about them catching it. My grannies too."

"The only way to limit contagion is for millions of people to change their behavior today."

"The corona virus is not that big of a deal and some of you folks are just crazy."

"This virus doesn't spread in the heat like most of them do."

"Schools shut down for a state of emergency, not an extended vacation."

"There is no concrete evidence that it is airborne.......People are just going to do what they feel is right to them. Those that want to stay in, stay in."

"In the part of Italy hit hardest by the coronavirus, the crematorium has started operating 24 hours a day. Coffins have filled up two hospital morgues, and then a cemetery morgue, and are now being lined up inside a cemetery church. The local newspaper's obituary section has grown from two or three pages to 10, sometimes listing more than 150 names."

"Coronavirus is a test to see how people would react during martial law. The reactions to this virus tell the government what they need to do to scare the public into martial law."

"This virus thing is being blown way outa proportion, every year during flu season I take extra precautions not to get the flu, the same precautions we're being told to do now. Haven't had the flu in years."

"I work at a hospital, and let me tell you, we are concerned! We know there are a lot more cases than the numbers show."

"I'm headed to Orange Beach tomorrow. No worries."

How do you feel? Are you "Team Distancing" or "Team No Worries"?

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I just got this thermometer because we didn't have one in the entire house! Stay safe people!

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