Wisdom from a Pie?

I made a derby pie the other day. It's a family favorite and the recipe has been passed down multiple generations. I placed it onto a beautiful old cake plate and put the dome on top, just to make it look fancy. My momma always taught me to use my nice things instead of saving them for special occasions. "If you never use them, one day you'll die and there they'll be, collecting dust in a cabinet." (Blunt, but true.) What's the good in having special dishes if we never get them out? So there it sat all pretty and looking like a high end bakery. I should've taken a picture of it, because it didn't last long.

Within 24 hours that pie was gone! Not a crumb left. I'd told my fam jam to make it last a week, but they weren't having it. Rationing derby pie in our house is simply not a thing. It sounds ridiculous now, because I baked it for them to eat, but for some reason I wanted to see it sitting under that dome a little longer. Weird, huh?

That went against everything I believe in, everything I've been taught. I love to cook, but most of the joy comes from seeing my family happy when they eat what I've prepared. Why in the world did I have the desire to see the pie hang on, like the undesired items left in a bakery case? Has the coronavirus craze gotten to me and made me desire to ration everything in the pantry? I have the ingredients to make another pie, probably two of them. We stocked our cupboards, not in a hoarding kind of way, but enough to last a couple of weeks. There should be no fear of running out of food. Still, something deep inside me wanted to see the pie sit under its precious little dome for a couple more days.

I've come up with a couple of theories for my crazy. (Not overall, just for this particular occasion. That's another blog, or possibly an entire novel.) First, I liked the way it looked and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. That's really pathetic. If a pie that takes 40 minutes tops gives me that much contentment, then I desperately need to up my expectations. Maybe I just liked the way it looked so much because I'd put it under the dome instead of wrapping it in tin foil. That's more likely the case. There's still a pride issue there, so I'll have to pray that one out.

Second, the momma bear in me was unconsciously beginning to worry about food shortage. I have been keeping up with the news, so that's a real possibility. That one derby pie would not keep us alive for long, but maybe the urge to make it last had something to do with the current world situation. Talk about future tripping! I'm guilty of that on a regular basis. Another thing to pray out of my system and have some faith.

I'll bake another pie soon and it will be consumed just as quickly. At least I've been enlightened to a couple of things that I need to change for the better. Self-growth is important y'all! God used a pie to expose my weaknesses. He's still working on me, in whatever way He sees fit. Take this quarantine time to make improvements; not just on your yard or home, but on the inside. Perhaps we'll all come out a little kinder, more self-aware, more patient, more trusting, and more generous in the end.

Now get out your fancy plates and enjoy them! Momma says so! Here's a link to a covered cake plate if you don't have one.

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Look at this beauty! It will be filled again soon, no worries!

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