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Worth's World

My youngest is currently acting in AUM Theatre's "World Tour", scenes, songs, and monologues. His love for anything theatrical began as soon as he could talk. Halloween was always his favorite holiday, but only came once a year. That simply would not do. My child wore a costume everywhere I would allow him, and would often stay in character as we ran errands. He spent his free time writing and Illustrating stories, or recreating his favorite movie scenes. As endearing as it was, there were times he would not answer unless you called him by the character name. Furniture was rearranged in an extremely creative, but sometimes dangerous manner to accommodate a scene. We began calling it "Worth's World". He was in his own fantasyland, and most of the time, we were not allowed in.

As he grew older, he got cast in school and church plays, and always shined. That child never got nervous! He seemed more comfortable in his roles than in his real life. The stage was truly his happy place. Memorizing scripts came easy for him, much easier than math concepts or science facts. His film knowledge grew, he could quote actors' bios with ease, and would often know release dates and directors' names. It was fascinating to hear an 8 year old list movie remakes in chronological order and the names of all the actors in each, when most were made well before he was born.

When it came time for him to choose a major, it was a no brainer. Theater Arts/Cinematography was his only choice. He enrolled in a college that had its own dinner theater and an excellent program, and began his journey. Unfortunately, the school cut the program during his first semester. He was crushed. He stayed there for a couple of years to complete core classes as we decided what to do. I watched him grow more frustrated, and a little depressed as time ticked on. This past semester, he transferred to Auburn University at Montgomery, where the theater program is going strong. He auditioned for the first production and got a part. Worth's world began to regroup.

I'll admit, I was a little anxious to see him perform last week. He hadn't been on a stage in over 2 years. I was nervous for him, although he showed no signs of the jitters. He was excited. He was happy again. He was awesome! The World Tour celebrated international playwrights in a series of scenes, monologues, and songs. The production staff and actors presented a great show. Worth was among like-minded people doing what he loves. Worth's World was alive and well once again.

If you haven't gotten see AUM's World Tour, it's running through this weekend: September 26-28 at 7:30pm and September 29 at 2:00pm. Admission is FREE, and you can add some culture into your life while supporting local actors.

Here are a few pics of Worth in his world, on and off the stage. The little Superman was not Halloween, it was just a normal Tuesday in Worth's world. Find your passion, then go for it!

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