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Crazy Quizzes

Have you ever taken one of the thousands of quizzes on FB or online? You know what I'm talking about, the ones that tell you something about yourself just by answering a few questions? I'm not a huge fan, but will indulge every so often just for fun.

I have a group of girlfriends that share my love of the TV show, "Big Little Lies". We started getting together every Sunday night to eat supper and watch the drama unfold. It was great girl time, good eats, and much more fun to watch and discuss as a group. We took a couple of different quizzes on 'which character we were most like'. I was Bonnie both times. I like her creative and free spirit so it made a bit of sense, but a couple of the others had completely different results for each quiz. Mindless fun: yes, perfect accuracy: not so much.

I plunged into googleiciousness and discovered the subject matter for these short tests is quite broad. You can find out what teacher/animal/princess you're most like. You can learn how much you actually know about states/colors/80's trivia. You can identify what color lightsaber you should have or in what Harry Potter House you belong. There's even a quiz to tell you if you're an introvert or an extrovert according to what toppings you like on your pizza. That seems a little ridiculous to me, but if that's your thing, I'm not going to judge. I will say if you're taking hundreds of these quizzes a day, chances are you're an introvert, no matter what you put on your pizza.

Are you ready for love? Take a quiz.

Should you adopt a pet? Take a quiz.

How hot/what color is your Aura (whatever the heck that is)? Take a quiz.

What Disney character are you? What villain is your alter-ego? Take a quiz.

Here are a few words of warning: Try not to get too caught up in the results. Don't let it effect your day or how you make life choices. Education and common sense are probably better sources to help you in decision making. However, if you participate light-heartedly, just to be amused, there shouldn't be any permanent damage.

Upon taking a few of these gems, here's what was revealed: I should have a blue lightsaber. Ariel is my Disney Princess. I'm a Hufflepuff. My Aura is Blue and it is "so hot not even the rain is safe." Good to know, although I still have no clue what an aura is. I'll google that on another day.

Are you a quiz taker? Share your favorites and revelations on and subscribe for free!

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