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Easing Back In

I've been away from blogging for awhile. OK, a really long while. Like many of you, life crowded my schedule and took up time. I started a new job that I love. My mom got diagnosed with Parkinson's and requires more help from Sis and me. My great-nephew is toddling around, and any spare time I have involves hanging out with my favorite lil guy. You know...stuff. We all have it.

I am a champ at piling guilt on myself. I've been doing it for a year about this very blog, or lack thereof. If I couldn't post the recommended amount of blogs per day/week/whatever, then I wasn't going to start back! I wasn't going to do it halfway -no sirre! Yep, I basically threw a two year old tantrum with myself. I'm over that now. I've released myself from any standards or qualifications that were suggested or created to cause me stress. This is for fun, dadgummit!

I'll be blogging when the feeling hits me, and I cannot commit to anything more. I'll try to share cool things that happen along the way, lessons I learn, and some humor (usually at my expense). Googlicious will still be my trusty assistant for random facts and stats. I'll keep it light, I promise. The world is heavy enough.

Have you stressed yourself out, then realized how ridiculous it was? Let's commit to stop doing that. Life is too short to add that kind of nonsense to your days. I guess I'm gaining some wisdom as I age. Lord knows I need to gain something besides extra pounds, so I'll put that in the plus column of getting older! Love you all, and thanks for asking where I've been without making me feel horrible for taking a break. I will not promise a daily entry, because playing with a really cute toddler wins over writing every single time.

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