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Wedding season is upon us, and my oldest is at the marrying age. He's got a lot of schoolin' to finish so, thank the good Lord, there are no nuptials in my near future. However, he has several friends that are taking the walk down the aisle later this year; even if it's a smaller, more intimate affair due to the virus. There are 3 invitations currently on our frig, and upon seeing them this morning I wondered what the top wedding gifts were for 2020. It's been a hot minute since my first marriage, hub and I didn't register for the second one (cause Momma taught me that's tacky), and I'm sure the wish lists have changed. Googlicious to the rescue! I used Amazon because they're still operational and make life so darn easy. Here's what I found. (I'll provide links so you can check them out easily) Also, here is a link to Amazon wedding gift registry to make your own list.

1. First Christmas Ornament - these are cute, there are tons of styles to choose from, and they're not too pricey. You know I'm a sucker for anything holiday, so this gets a yes from me!

2. Personalized Cutting Board - Affordable, and the wood is timeless and gorgeous. Add this to the win column.

3. Holding Hands Casting Kit - This is weird, and not in a good way. Yes it's a piece of art, but is it one you really want in your home? It's a no from me.

4. Picnic Backpack Set - Encourage romantic dates and social distancing all at the same time! There are 2 and 4 person options. That's well under the 10 and under gathering rule, and they can easily stay 6 feet away from each other. This is a keeper.

5. Our Bucket List Inspirational Journal - Normally, I'd say this was really cute. Currently, it might just tick them off because they can't go anywhere. If the couple is not easily angered and has a good amount of patience, this is a wonderful choice. They can plan future trips while sheltering at home.

6. "Of All the Walks We've Taken...." Picture Frame - I love this sweet saying. Picture frames are always safe choices. They can display their face mask wedding photo for all to see. Bring out your sappy side with this gift. It's a yes for me.

7. Cheese/Meat Board with magnetic drawer/knife set - Who doesn't love meat and cheese? Charcuterie boards are very trendy, and yes I had to look up how to spell that. This is an awesome choice! I want one of these, but I need it like a hole in the head. Double thumbs up.

8. Love on the Beach Personalized Canvas - I love the beach and I love art, but this is a bit cheesy for my taste. It's on the same level as the air brushed t-shirt I sported in high school with my boyfriend's name + mine = forever. Panama City, 1985. Complete with the couple walking on the beach at sunset. Gotta love the 80s.

9. His & Hers Apron Set - If the couple likes to cook, these are adorable. There are many color options, and you can personalize the year. Great idea to encourage equal help in the kitchen!

10. Egyptian Cotton Bathrobe Set - These can be personalized, have several color choices, and aren't too heavy. They will also discourage them from stealing the bathrobes from hotels and getting charged a ridiculous amount upon discovery. Don't ask me how I know that, but it wasn't me.

11. ENO Double Nest Hammock - Another great social distancing gift! They can get outdoors, and only share germs with each other. Nice choice!

12. Record Player - Go old school and get them something on which to play vinyl! You might have to teach them how to use it, but records are making a huge comeback. Who knew? I love this gift.

13. Hard Shell Luggage Set - Because one day they'll be able to travel again. Lots of color choices, I'd pick one that stands out in an airport. This isn't a cutesy gift, but would be very much appreciated.

14. Science Experiments for Newlyweds - This is strange to me, but if they're into science, it's a unique gift! The experiments could break the quarantine boredom, but might blow up their house. I'm on the fence, but it's not a total no.

15. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker - My youngest would love this, his future bride might not. I'll admit, it's pretty cool. This all depends on the couple. It's a yes depending on the newlyweds.

16. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set - YES!!!! Every home needs at least one of these, and you don't have to go through the seasoning part. This is 1,000 times a yes for me.

17. Electric Wine Opener Set - This is a great set for the wine lovers. If this shelter at home thing lasts into the summer, we may all need one of these. Lord help us.

18. Indoor S'mores Kit - This is genius. No fire pit? No problem. You can roast s'mores wherever you darn well please. This will also be great when younguns begin appearing. It's a definite yes from me.

19. Personalized Key Holder - This is really handy. If used properly, they'll never have to call in late to work because they've misplaced their keys. I'm going to buy one of these for my oldest, and he doesn't even have a girlfriend. I'll add her name later with a Sharpie. He needs this now.

20. Last but NOT least, Corningware Casserole Dishes - Every kitchen needs one or two in multiple sizes. This set is fantastic! I use at least one of these almost every single day. These are a must have, even if the bride cannot cook rice. She'll learn.

Enjoy wedding season, even though it's different than ever before. On a positive note, the brides will have plenty of time to get their thank you notes written!

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