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Hooked on a Feeling

Christmas is over. New Year's has come and gone. My decorations are still up. When to take them down has been a struggle I've faced every year since I began decorating dwellings of my own. I used to force myself to remove them before New Year's Day, but that was pushed back to December 6 once I learned about the 12 Days of Christmas. It gave me a few more precious days of guilt free enjoyment of the holiday splendor. Thank you, dear Catholic friends.

My sweet friend Jenny is coming to stay a couple of days next week, so that gave me an excuse to leave up the decor for a few extra days. I wouldn't want her to miss out on the wonder, now would I? I would be a terrible friend if I took away the opportunity for us to catch up under the lights on a tree. We may have a slumber party under it, complete with pallets and pillows, 'cause that's how we roll! Thank you Jenny.

I've admitted that I've been guilty of keeping one tree up all year long. I've heard that it's not as special if left up all year, but I didn't find that to be true. I felt joy every time I plugged it in, or simply took the time to gaze at its beauty. This year's brain-battle has begun. Which tree will it be? Will I choose to take them all down this year? Do I really have to strip my mantle and stairs down to boring nakedness? How much can I get away with leaving out before I'm deemed truly crazy? It's a struggle I endure every season, because I would live in a Christmas-decorated world 365 days a year if it wasn't such an embarrassment to my family.

One of my traditions is to buy an ornament from every area we visit, even if it means converting a keychain into a bauble for the tree. Have you ever walked into a Christmas shoppe in May? They smell like cinnamon and feel like a warm blanket. There are many year-round Christmas stores around the country, and Hub knows if I see one during our travels, we're going in. They are a magical break from reality. Why shouldn't my home feel like that year round?

I'll be grappling with this decision next week, so prayers and advice are welcomed. Even if I decide to rob my casa of everything Christmas, I will try to keep its spirit alive and well all year long. If I can't have Christmas in my home, at least I can carry it in my heart.

Are your decorations tucked away until next year? How long do you leave them out? Is there anyone out there like me who wishes to live in a winter wonderland 24/7? Sound off below or at Subscribe for free! May the entire Weird and Wonderful Family receive bountiful blessings in 2020. Happy New Year, you weirdos!

Here's a few pics of the warm fuzzy wonder. Be merry!

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