It Wasn't Just a Pedicure...

What is it about pedicures that make you feel so refreshed? Yesterday, I met my girlfriend Ali at a local nail salon for some pampering. That one hour of soaking and buffing brought me so much happiness. And the foot rub? Don't even get me started. I'm a sucker for a foot rub. Just ask hub.

Ali is about to go on a trip with her beau back home to Wisconsin. They are huge Packers fans, and will be squeezing in a Packers game. She chose green and sparkly gold for her manicure. It's fabulous. She'll have the best looking nails in Lambeau Field to accompany her cheesehead hat. Safe travels my friends.

Since it was the kickoff of college basketball season, I chose Kentucky Blue for my toenail color. If you know me, this is no big shock to you. Basketball has always been my favorite, and my Cats are back on the court. I'm one happy camper. As a lifelong member of the Big Blue Nation, that gorgeous shade of blue has been a go-to for clothing, wall color, and anything else I could get my hands on to bring it into my world. There was no other option for the pedicure.

Something else happened during our girl time. I was energized. I was renewed. Catching up with a friend and getting a little self care made me feel like a new woman. It was as if the anxieties of summer got sloughed off with the dead skin on my feet. The clipping and filing that reshaped my hooves also reshaped my attitude. I felt lighter, more creative, and inspired. All because of a pedicure.

This morning, ideas were flowing from my brain so fast that I could barely write them all down. I wasn't trudging through journals looking for inspiration, I was writing with joy. A little self love was the kick in the pants I'd been needing.

If you're struggling with motivation, ideas, or enthusiasm, I encourage you to give yourself some love today. Whatever brings you a bit of peace, just do it. The world can beat us up pretty badly sometimes, but we all should take a moment and regroup. It can be as simple as going to a park, calling a loved one, playing with your pet, or getting a pedicure. Don't schedule yourself so thin that you have no time to relax and breathe in God's goodness around you. Life is short people. Make time for the things that bring you joy!

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C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, CATS!!!

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