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I've refrained from writing about the COVID 19 virus thus far, but it finally got to me. Hub, Worth and I are under a self imposed quarantine; Walkerboy works in the outdoors very early in the morning and away from crowds and joins us every afternoon around 2 when he gets off work. College is online. Hub and I are working from home, and Woo is having a movie filled spring break, which is heaven on earth for him. We've watched the case numbers creep up daily, and taken the advice of the medical experts to help stop the spread of this virus. We've seen the posts from other countries that are completely shut down, begging the rest of the world to take this seriously. We've also seen daily posts from those asking for advice on whether or not they should travel. The answer is simple. NO! Why is this still happening?

Why would you risk becoming a carrier of this virus? It's been proven that travelers are carrying the disease all around the world, so stop traveling unless it's absolutely necessary. In my state alone, we doubled the number of confirmed cases in the last 24 hours. That's crazy! This pandemic isn't going anywhere for awhile, so hunker down and enjoy life at home. There are plenty of things to keep you from boredom. Musicians and comedians are posting free concerts from the comfort of their living rooms. (I'm personally looking forward to Jeanne Robertson's live this Saturday.) Folks are posting pictures of their newly cleaned out closets (I've not gotten that inspired yet), people are reading books, working puzzles, playing cards and board games, beautifying their yards, playing with their pets, being creative in the kitchen, going on walks, and many other things that do not require them to be around large groups of people. My goal today is to get all floors super clean, and those that know me well know cleaning is not my favorite. The point is, we can do this!

I know many of us are taking a financial hit to the gut. This is the time to support each other if at all possible. If you can, buy gift cards, order pick up, purchase from small online businesses, donate to food banks and charities, and support your local businesses. I just got an email today from the water company that stated they were going to work with customers on payment options and listed a number to call if someone's service was in jeopardy of being cut off. Assistance is out there, and more is coming. That warms my heart. I hope other utility/mortgage companies follow their lead.

On the flip side, I felt like ripping my hair out when I saw posts of a pastor having three services a week trying to make a political statement, unconcerned folks hanging out in packed restaurants/bars when told not to do so, and national upscale clothing stores remaining open and putting their staff at risk. (Because we all need an expensive new outfit for the self quarantine don't we?) I don't understand the lack of concern for others. This thing has spread like wildfire, and you don't have to display symptoms to carry it. At some point, folks are going to have to make a trip to the grocery, pharmacy, bank, work, gas station, etc. The fewer unnecessary outings taken, the less germs out there to spread. If my extremely extroverted Momma can do it, anyone can!

I'm sure the "I survived self quarantine" shirts are coming because we will get through this. Stay safe and healthy everyone. This is the time to think of others. Show love, but from 6 feet away please. Enjoy your time at home.

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I sadly replaced the Kentucky flag (no more basketball) with this one. I thought it was appropriate.

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